Love Island contestants do have ‘secret’ sex but ITV bosses are hiding it

Fans tuning in for Love Island 2019 have been heavily speculating if any of the contestants have had sex.

With sexual tension mounting in the villa, and frequent sex quips from Maura Higgins it would be surprising if the islanders weren’t at it.

In 2018 Megan Barton Hanson came under fire massively after she had sex with two lads while on the show.

The sex positive babe was trolled for sleeping with Wes Nelson and Eyal Booker, and now bosses are reportedly “too worried” about ruining the cast’s lives to air raunchy scenes.

“There’s a few couples having sex in the villa but it hasn’t been shown on TV”

TV source

A TV insider alleged to The Sun: “There’s a few couples having sex in the villa but it hasn’t been shown on TV – bosses are worried about upsetting them and fear ruining their lives.

“Everyone is being extra careful about the well-being of the cast and how they will deal with the aftermath if their sex scenes are shown.

“Most of them have said they’re not comfortable with their sex scenes being broadcast and bosses have taken it all into account – many go on to regret having sex on camera because of how they’re viewed by the public and their employers.”

The insider reportedly claimed bosses are being extra careful after the suicides of Mike Thalassitis and Sophie Gradon.

They said: “ITV bosses are being extra cautious after suicides and it’s easier to not show the sex – if it happens it’s alluded to in the commentary by Iain Stirling rather than explicitly shown – chances are we might never see anyone have sex on Love Island again.”

Despite this, scenes have been shown where fans have speculated that islanders are “doing bits” but now full-blown sexual intercourse.

Tommy Fury and Molly-Mae’s moment of intimacy was aired as they fumbled around under the duvet.

Molly-Mae could be heard gasping “Jesus Christ” as the pair lay there together.

However, Amy Hart confessed after leaving the villa that Molly-Mae says the pair have not had sex.

Daily Star Online has contacted an ITV spokesman for comment.

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