Love Island 2023 couples with longest distance between them outside the villa

Love Island has wrapped for another year – and all eyes are on the new couples as they navigate life in the real world.

Of course, between brand deal meetings, red-carpet events and spilling the tea in their post-show-promo schedule, the Islanders will no doubt be linking up with their new S.O.

And for some of the new couples, they have got it rather lucky with their new man or missus – as they might only live just down the road.

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But others will have to endure up to hundreds of miles in a journey to get to where their other half is based.

With the 2023 gang back on telly screens for one last hurrah on the Love Island reunion show, we’re taking a look at the couples with the biggest distance between them outside the villa.

Whitney and Lochan – 26 miles

Whitney and Lochan quickly became fan favourites when they got together during the infamous Casa Amor.

Prior to Lochan, Whit was cracking on with French hunk Medhi – who was booted from the show earlier on.

But the heartbreak didn’t last long for Whitney who soon pursued things with Lochan – with the two becoming exclusive near the end of the summer series.

And it’s fair to say viewers were left divided when the pair were crowned runners-up.

In the real world though, Whitney and Lochan won’t have far to go when the pair meet up, as she’s based in Camden, whilst his home is in Windsor.

Jess and Sammy – 49 miles

Despite their rocky time in the villa, Jessy and Sam were crowned the winners and walked away with £50,000 to their name and a new relationship.

The pair had plenty of ups and downs on the show, with bombshell Sammy frequently speaking to other girls – and he even brought one back during Casa Amor.

But seeming to defy the odds, Jess and Sammy gave things another go and even went exclusive in the final week of the show.

And things can only go up for the couple, as they won’t have to worry about distance coming between them.

With Jess living in London and Sammy residing in Kent, there’s only a mere 49 miles between the two.

Molly and Zach – 178 miles

Blonde beauty Molly and tatted hunk Zach didn’t exactly have it smooth-sailing in the villa.

They initially coupled up at the beginning, but in a shock twist, Zach was stolen by Kady McDermott who kicked Molly out of the show at the same time.

A shock saw Molly return during Casa Amor and talk things out with Zach before the two decided to keep pursuing their connection.

On their last date in the villa, Zach dropped the L-bomb, and during the final, the smitten couple came in fourth place.

Outside the villa though, Molly lives in Doncaster, while Zach resides in South East London meaning it would take her three and half hours to travel down to see her beau.

Mitch and Ella B – 225 miles

Unlike their co-stars, Mitch and Ella B are a relatively new couple – with the latter joining the cast near the end of the series.

It’s not the first couple for “messy Mitch” though, who famously cracked on with several girls during his time on the show.

That all changed when he was invited by Ella B to go on a date, prior to her bombshell arrival.

Unfortunately, the two just missed out on a spot in the final – coming in fifth place.

And there’s a lot of distance between them too in the real world, with Ella residing in Kent and Mitch based up North in Sheffield.

Kady and Ouzy – 327 miles

Up next is Love Island alum Kady and Scottish model Ouzy, who first struck up a relationship after he was brought back by Ella during Casa.

Kady made her epic return to the show earlier on and chose to couple up with Zach, but after things fizzled out with him, she and Ouzy started pursuing things.

The two were dumped from the show and since their exit, seem to be going from strength to strength.

Kudos to either of them though, especially Ouzy if he manages to endure the six-hour trek from his home of Edinburgh down to where Kady lives in Hertfordshire.

Ella and Tyrique – 398 miles

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Topping the chart of Love Island 2023 couples with the biggest distance between them are day one Islanders Ella and Tyrique.

It’s fair to say Ella and Tyrque had quite a tumultuous relationship throughout their time on the show.

Despite “closing things off” early on with Ty, Ella ended up getting to know Ouzy See during Casa and brought him back to the villa.

Things were very awkward between the pair until they decided to give things another shot – with Ty eventually asking Ella to be his girlfriend.

They left the show in third place and out of all the other couples, they are the only one with a whopping distance between them of over 300 miles.

Ella is based in Glasgow while Ty lives way down south in Essex – meaning it would take him over seven hours in the car to travel to see her.

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