Love Island 2022 contestants tipped to join OnlyFans after stint on ITV2 show

With former Love Island stars like Megan Barton-Hanson, Hannah Elizabeth, India Reynolds and Arabella Chi making money through having an OnlyFans page – it seems like a popular career path to go down.

Although known as an X-rated adult content subscription site, having an OnlyFans account isn't limited to this and can instead focus on a more behind-the-scenes approach.

With Love Island 2022 now wrapped up and finished for yet another summer, we thought it might be interesting to see which of the girls from this series would be most likely to start up their own OnlyFans account.

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Senior therapist and media commentator Sally Baker from Working On The Body has exclusively given her insight on this matter to Daily Star – and her predictions might just shock you.

She tells us that setting up an OnlyFans subscription page is akin to a "pension plan for the also-rans or minor celebrities" – which is why it might be an option for former stars of the reality-dating show.

"The more popular girls with a higher profile might hold OnlyFans in reserve for a couple of years while they explore other lucrative offers such as being the face of a fast clothing line, presenting an internet TV channel or launching their own enterprise," Sally tells us.

Adding that OnlyFans is an option that will always there "hidden in plain sight if all else fails or being in the celebrity spotlight proves to be only fleeting".

Tasha Ghouri

Sally says she "can’t see" Tasha wanting or needing to create an OnlyFan page in the near future.

"I imagine Tasha will use her time on Love Island to enhance her career opportunities as a dancer along with possibly a high profile role with a hearing disability charity or hearing aid manufacturer," she explains.

"Even though she’s always reminding Islanders that she’s a rebel with attitude she’s nonetheless come across as slightly naïve and sweet during her time in the Villa.

"She could even front an anti bullying or disability awareness campaign."

Indiyah Polack

Sally says that Indiyah starting up an OnlyFans account would be because "she has no idea how loved she is in the outside world".

The expert added: "If anything it is a crisis of confidence that this is all that will be on offer for her.

"Hopefully her limited beliefs will be swept away when the floodgates open and lucrative offers are presented to her. She’s a Queen. Long live the Queen."

Paige Thorne

Welsh paramedic Paige has come a long way from her humble career on the frontline.

Sunning herself in the Love Island villa and falling in love with hunky bombshell Adam Collard – who has his own OnlyFans page we might add – she's a long way from her home county now.

Sally doesn't think that Paige will go back to Wales to live and predicts "she’s never going to be a paramedic again".

She says that with "great career options awaiting her" she will be "focussed and driven to maximise media and modelling opportunities".

Gemma Owen

Quite adamant, Sally says that Gemma will "never" have an OnlyFans page.

"Let’s be honest she’ll never be broke and she’ll never need to sell her knickers to make the odd fiver.

"Gemma already has a career as an equestrian and her ambitions to launch her own successful swimwear line has received a massive boost from her time in the villa.

"Gemma will go far without ever having to compromise her strong, healthy self-esteem and her self belief."

Danica Taylor

"You know what, Danica is a realist," says Sally.

"If she needs the cash Danica will launch her OnlyFans page and it will not affect or undermine her sense of self worth.

"She’s a tryer who deals with whatever life throws at her with her head held high.

"She’ll also be amazed and thrilled by the popularity of her page and she’ll enjoy making the money. If there’s a Saint that looks out for B or C list celebrities then she’s overdue an uplift in her fortunes."

Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu

"Ekin-Su will never be Ekin-Who," urges expert Sally, which alludes to Ekin-Su not opening an OnlyFans page – even more so if she decides to settle down with Davide and live a maternal life.

Predicting that Ekin will go far, Sally reckons she will have her sights set on presenting a TV show.

"I can see her in a long running, lucrative Latin American soap as a troubled surgeon or top scientist exploring her romantic liaisons to a devoted audience of millions."

Casa Amor Bombshells

Aside from Danica, Sally reckons that the Casa Amor Bombshells are most likely to start up an OnlyFans page.

"So many of the short lived Love Islander girls like Summer, Coco, Chyna, [and] girls who were picked up and so unceremoniously dropped after Casa Amor, plus the girls who arrived late to the villa party are prime candidates for OnlyFans pages," says Sally.

"They applied or were scouted because they wanted the Love Island dream but they were sold a pup.

"Still ambitious and perhaps angry at the hand fate played them they’ll do what they need to do to build a profile and have another day in the sun.

"OnlyFans will feel like a booby prize in comparison to the golden prize they’d set their sights on but for some girls that’s all that’s left for them."


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