Lorraine mocks Piers Morgan's 'small parts' live on Good Morning Britain

The cheeky presenter made a penis gag live on Good Morning Britain when asked about the decision to swap gingerbread men for "gingerbread persons".

He asked the 59-year-old host: "Your parliament in Scotland, the cafe has banned gingerbread men and replaced them with gingerbread persons – to avoid upsetting people."

Lorraine replied: "Oh that's a shame, because you get more gingerbread don't you? If you get my drift."

But Piers hit back: "Are you suggesting you get more parts?" To which Lorraine giggled: "Yes, not if it was a ginger bread man of you."

And the host scoffed: "Wow, Lorraine Kelly and her little spicy gingerbread men!"

The £1.45 iced sweet treats, on sale ahead of Christmas, featured a tag with the hand-written title “gingerbread person”.

Scottish Parliament's coffee shop has said they made the swap to ‘stamp out sexism’.

But the cafe's re-branding of the traditional biscuit was slammed by MSP Annie Wells, who says it 'trivialises' real issues of gender equality.

The equalities spokesperson for the Scottish Conservatives even called it a "pointless gesture".

She said: "Surely the Scottish Parliament has got better things to do than worry about what to call gingerbread men?

"This is an utterly pointless gesture which simply trivialises the real issues of gender equality."

Exasperated Twitter users also mocked the move, with one woman saying: "So we're not allowed to call it Gingerbread men anymore as Holyrood have banned them and came [up] with the name gingerbread person!!!

"It's not f***ing sexism, it's a bloody biscuit!"

It's not just Scottish Parliament that has opted for the name swap.

Thomas the Baker in York was slated for selling gender-neutral "gingerbread persons" with Twitter users calling the decision "ridiculous".

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