Lorraine Kelly launches furious tirade at Boris’ government ‘Stop trying to be liked’

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When Susanna Reid and Ben Shephard crossed over to Lorraine Kelly to find out what was coming up on her self-titled morning show, the presenter wanted to give her opinion on the possible rumours regarding the nation seeing family and friends this Christmas, if it means a January lockdown were to happen. Those watching at home listened to Lorraine furiously rant at politicians not showing strong leadership. 

Ben said: “Lorraine, you were there, you heard what he had to say. It sounds like he was cautiously suggesting that actually, they know it’s not the right thing to do.” 

She replied: “Can I just say, ‘cautiously’ no. Just say it. I’m getting so frustrated about this, and I know how important Christmas is – I really do.

“But for goodness sake, can we stop all this wooziness? And trying to be nice and wanting to be loved and wanting to be liked. 

“They’re leaders – they’re in charge!” She fumed. 

“Say what is right for the country and what’s going to save lives. 

“What’s more important; having a dinner and being with your family – I know how important that is, believe you me – or keeping everybody safe? 

It’s a no brainer, so stop waffling about and say it how it is.

“‘That’s it, it’s gone, sorry, you have to be with a smaller amount of people this year, that’s going to be hard, but actually, in the New Year we’ll all get over this quicker!'” 


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