Loose Women row as Janet Street Porter argues The Crown is ‘justified’

Janet Street-Porter says The Crown Diana interview is 'justified'

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The presenter passionately defended the controversial upcoming series of The Crown on Tuesday, which has been the subject of much debate as it is set to show the breakdown of King Charles III, who was then the Prince of Wales, and Princess Diana’s marriage among other contentious royal events from the 1990s. As most of her fellow panelists slammed the drama as being “distasteful,” Janet disagreed, arguing the show’s producers are “perfectly justified” in exploring the topics.

Netflix has recently come under fire for the upcoming series and some have argued the platform fails to make it clear enough that some parts of the series are fictionalised.

Christine Lampard said she thought some of the speculated content would be “distasteful” and asked: “Do we really need to see that?”

“I watched the first couple of seasons, quite enjoyed it actually,” she remarked.

“But strangely enough from the little spoilers that have come through for this new season, I do feel it’s a bit distasteful.

“I just kind of… I think we all know the story but there are still living family members.”

She added: “I just feel it’s a bit wrong” and went on to say how some people take the programme as factual.

Christine had also argued she took issue with the potential to recreate Princess Diana’s tragic death, which she deemed unfair for her sons, Prince William and Prince Harry.

Brenda Edwards agreed she wouldn’t be watching the new instalments.

“It is in bad taste to be focusing on Princess Diana and the accident, we all know what happened,” she added.

“We don’t need to revisit that, there’s plenty of other stories that they could talk about within the Royal Family, if you know what I mean, not saying anything.”

“Well, I disagree with you, really,” Janet told Christine. She pointed out other popular dramas are based on real-life events and people “don’t think” about the families involved with some of those, such as Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story on Netflix.

“Maybe we should be,” Christine suggested, while Brenda added: “There’s nothing entertaining about the car crash which happened with Princess Diana.”

“Well, that’s not in the series that’s about to air,” Janet argued. “The series that’s about to air is series five, which is about to go on screen.

“It covers the period of the breakup of Charles and Diana’s marriage and the Martin Bashir interview.

“Now, I think they’re perfectly justified in recreating that, because it could have altered the course of the monarchy.”

The 75-year-old continued: “I think that the heir to the throne, his wife, their marriage breaking down so spectacularly and her giving that interview, that astonishing interview to the BBC has caused other ramifications we’re still feeling today.

“And how the public subsequently saw Prince Charles really changed after that.


“So I think it’s just –  they’re justified in turning it into a drama and it’s certainly been on the stage.

“Certainly, there have been lots of plays on the stage about the Royal Family.

“So I don’t know why everybody’s getting so exercised about it being on television. I mean, you don’t have to watch it!”

Loose Women airs weekdays from 12.30pm on ITV, while The Crown returns with series five on Netflix from November 9.

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