Loose Women Carol and Judi clash as she rages at ‘soft’ people axing Xmas plans

In today's Loose Women, things became very heated during a disagreement between the show's panelists Carol McGriffin and Judi Love as the ladies discussed covid guidelines and the impact it'll have on Christmas – leaving feathers to be ruffled.

Carol McGiffin, 61, and Judi Love, 41, bumped heads as their opinions on the covid booster vaccination and current covid guidelines had them disagreeing – leaving the studio atmosphere tense and some viewers at home fuming.

During the clash, the 61-year-old raised her voice whilst stating her opinions as she'd announced that she refused to take a lateral flow test before entering someone else's home this Christmas, causing tension amongst the panel and leaving some viewers angry.

In response to Kaye Adams who said we have to 'try and respect other people's views' if they don't want us to enter their home this Christmas due to covid.

A heated Carol said: "I respect that you don't trust me enough to come into your house even though I'm not ill – if they don't trust me when I say I'm not ill, I don't want to go in."

She adds: "Soft people are just cancelling [hospitality reservations] left, right and centre. I'm not cancelling anything, in fact, i'm going to go out every single night until everything shuts down."

With some viewers taking to Twitter to voice their anger at Carol, one writes: "I've never watched Loose women and won't be after the last few minutes – stunned at Carol Griffin."

During the heated debate, Carol raised her speculations about the covid booster jab and current guidelines and raised that she doesn't care – appearing to neglect any consequences.

Quickly swooping in to challenge the panelist was her co-star, Judi Love, who like many, also had eyeballs bulging and raised eyebrows when the comment had been made.

In the segment, Judi said: "I would respect you to say, 'Judi I'm not comfortable doing a test', and i would respect that … and we can meet outside instead."

Carol hit back: "I'm not cancelling anything, I will go out every single night until everything shuts down, which I am sure it probably."

As Carol ended the debate by sternly saying "I am right," Nadia quickly retorted: "You're right for you, everyone is doing the right thing for themselves".

The discussion left viewers at home in a frenzy with Carol's controversial comments leaving many angry about her ignorance.

However, some sided with her and agreed applauded her for being honest and frank.

One tweeted: "Thank you Carol. You Are Right. And on the right side of history. What today's Loose Women chat is shame is the range of critical thinking & common sense skill people. Amazing, really.

Today's Loose Women was joined by panelists Carol McGriffin, Judi Love, Nadia sawalha and Kaye Adam

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