‘Live in the real world!’ GB News viewers infuriated by Amnesty director in migrant row

Nigel Farage says there are ‘no rules in the EU’ on GB News

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The Great British Breakfast returned on Friday with Nana Akua and Tom Harwood at the helm. The presenting duo welcomed Amnesty International UK’s Steve Valdez-Symonds onto the show to discuss the current refugee crisis. However, GB News viewers weren’t impressed when the guest suggested the UK wasn’t fulfilling its “responsibility”.

One wrote: “This bloke doesn’t speak for most of this country!!!”

“Vetted and processed, genuine refugees, Yes!! Economic illegal migrants. No!! Pretty simple really.”

“This bloke is clearly not part of the real world …and he always seems angry,” another shared.

Someone else added: “We have managed routes. Surely the goal Should be to help the main source countries become stable.”

“For all countries to treat humans respectfully, we must fully understand the difference between ‘refugee and migrant’,” a fourth tweeted.

Another said: “I have to mute the telly when this guy is on. He doesn’t live in the real world. He’ll live in a part of the world where he won’t have to deal with the aftermath.”

“If you claim refuge in the first safe country you reach, you are a refugee. If you then go beyond a number of safe countries to reach a country of your choice (such as the UK) then you are an economic migrant. And is there a suitable infrastructure here for mass immigration? No,” a sixth added.

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