Little People's Molly Roloff makes rare appearance as she reunites with brother Zack and his wife Tori for wine date

MOLLY Roloff made a rare appearance with her family for a wine day in Portland, Oregon, as she reunited with her brother Zack and his wife Tori.

The Little People, Big World star has chosen a remote lifestyle away from the television show alongside her husband Joel Silvius.

Molly, 27, joined her brother Zack and his wife Tori for a special day at the Stoller Family Estate vineyard in Portland, Oregon on Saturday.

The family shared a sweet photo to Instagram for the occasion as they sipped wine and enjoyed their day together.

The reality star has made very few public appearances as she and her spouse live in Spokane, Washington.

The couple tied the knot in an intimate ceremony on Roloff farms in August of 2017, and they gave a brief statement about the special day.

“We feel blessed to have been able to celebrate our marriage surrounded by so many people we love,” they gushed at the time.

Despite the seven-hour distance between Spokane and Roloff Farms in Hillsboro, Oregon, Molly seems to still be very close to her family.

In 2018, the couple purchased their first home, after the TV personality graduated from Whitworth University.

The one story home has four bedrooms, three bathrooms, and resides over 3000 square feet.

The property features a large backyard with outdoor seating for family dinners and has a clean light blue and white theme throughout.

In June of 2020, Molly's mom Amy Roloff visited her daughter on a road trip from Washington, and shared moments of their relaxing weekend together.

She posted a series of selfies with the couple playing games in the backyard, eating dinner, hiking, and baking in the kitchen.

Amy captioned her post: "Love my family.. I’m so glad I took a road trip to Spokane last weekend to hang out with my daughter Molly and SIL Joel.

"The best time. I had a blast- went on walks, played games, ate, made bread with Molly and just hang out with them.

"I even had a chance to visit one of my favorite bookstores – Aunties. I miss them both so much but happy they are happy and doing great. There’ll be another road trip soon."

Later the 56-year-old gushed her motherly pride over Molly who has created her own life in Portland.

“She is simply amazing. So proud of her," she wrote.

"We went on a two-mile hike – I’m excited I did it – which was beautiful and then she made a fabulous delicious salad. I’m so glad I came. I miss her."

Molly decided to no longer take part in the television show after leaving for college and moving in with her husband.

The TLC alum is Amy and Matthew Roloff's only daughter, though the ex-couple also share three sons, Jeremy, Zachary and Jacob.

Molly's parents split ways in 2016 after 20 years of marriage, and have since moved on with new partners.

Amy is engaged to Chris Marek after he proposed in 2019, and Matt has been with his girlfriend Caryn Chandler since 2017.

Jeremy and Jacob have similarly decided to no longer appear on the TV show, but Zach and his wife, Tori, still do.

However, Jacob recently reunited with his father Matt on Roloff farm, as he shared videos maneuvering a crane on the land.

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