Lisa Vanderpump Gives Tips to Erika Jayne About ‘RHOBH’ Stint

In a new interview, the former star of ‘The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ is also asked if she would ever make a return to the Bravo series following her 2019 departure.

AceShowbizLisa Vanderpump has weighed in on the legal drama surrounding Erika Jayne and her estranged husband Tom Girardi. The former star of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” shared in a new interview if Erika should leave the show or not.

Of the matter, the British star admitted to when asked ahead of Travel & Give fundraiser’s to assist children with physical and mental disabilities in Kenya and Haiti on October 11, “She’s gotta make her own decision.” She added, “That’s a very difficult question.”

“She’s gotta make her own decision or someone will make it for her. I haven’t watched the show since,” the restaurateur advised. “I think about all the people who died and were victimized by this. I have no idea whether she knew. I haven’t watched so I don’t know how things are playing out.”

Lisa also shared that she hoped the best for the families of the victims of the 2018 plane crash. Tom was accused of embezzling funds meant for the families of the crash victims. Erika insisted that she didn’t aware of the alleged crimes, but many have expressed doubts over her claims.

During the interview, Lisa was also asked if she would ever make a return to the Bravo series following her 2019 departure. “It’s not at all,” Lisa said. “I’m very busy. I’m trying to finish my book. I’m busy with my podcast. I’m opening another restaurant. That ship has sailed.”

This arrived after Bravo released an explosive teaser of “RHOBH” reunion. In the sneak-peek for the four-part televised event, host Andy Cohen grills her about the scandal surrounding Tom. “We’re going to put you on a skewer, and I’m going to fire up the barbecue,” Andy says, before asking. “Why didn’t you leave Tom sooner?”

Erika replies, “Where was I going?” to which Andy answered, “I know what you make on this show.” Later, Andy noted that Tom “put $20 million and more” into Erika’s account. “Who believes Erika did not know anything about what Tom was doing?” Andy went on to say. It prompted Erika to angrily exclaimed, “Can someone please back me the f**k up on what I’m saying?”

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