Line of Duty questions we STILL need answering after bombshell season 6 finale

A WHOLE host of questions were unanswered by tonight’s Line of Duty finale, which left fans far from “sucking diesel”.

Were they left open for a seventh season? Only time will tell. But for now, we want to know.

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Is romance in the air for Kate Fleming and Steve Arnott?

The two AC-12 heroes look closer than ever — now they need each other most.

Will Supt Hastings appeal against his enforced retirement succeed?

We knew he did not want to be shown the door, but it seemed he had given up the fight.

He has just triumphed in his biggest case ever, so Ted knows he has a good case for keeping his job — and AC-12 in its current form.

What will Det Chief Supt Carmichael do with Ted’s confession?

Supt Hastings marched into his bosses’ office and admitted he told the criminals they had an undercover cop in their midst, which led to the killing of Det Insp John Corbett.

She could see he is an honourable man and bury it — or she may use it against him later as the ultimate weapon.

How dodgy is Chief Constable Philip Osborne?

We have known he is a scheming liar who will stop at nothing to get power.

But now we have discovered he is not The Fourth Man AC-12 have been hunting, does it mean he is not as fishy?

Or could Buckells be a middle man, with him pulling strings?

What is the deal with John Corbett’s widow?

She was integrated into the storyline extensively in series six, after being introduced to viewers in series five.

Her relevance needs explaining.

What will happen to Buckells?

Will he get witness protection and immunity from prosecution?

If that does not happen, he could end up being tried for his crimes.

But if he is released, he will probably get bumped off.

Will he give enough info to let AC-12 continue its enquiries, or keep schtum?

Who are the criminal masters now?

Buckells said the top dog was Tommy Hunter, but he is dead.

So if Buckells was a middle man, which mobster was pulling his strings?

It must be a major character given the long line of serious crimes.

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