Line of Duty fans in stitches as 'Theresa May' makes unlikely cameo in 'best plot twist yet'

LINE of Duty fans were left in stitches as a 'Theresa May' lookalike made an unlikely cameo in the series six premiere.

The widely popular BBC cop drama made its long-awaited return to screens last night and is set 18 months on from the finale of the previous season.

There was much to look out for in the opening episode of series six, but fans couldn't help but notice a guest star who presented a striking resemblance to the former Prime Minister.

Viewers took to social media and joked Theresa May, 64, had made a 'strong and stable' cameo in the extremely popular show.

One fan penned: "Good to see Theresa May’s keeping busy with a strong and stable cameo in #LineOfDuty."

Another added: "Hello to the Theresa May taking notes in the middle #LineOfDuty."

A third user chimed in: "Never knew Theresa May was breaking out into the acting field…. #LineOfDuty."

While this follower posted: "What’s Theresa May doing there? #LineOfDuty."

'Strong and stable' was a phrase adopted by May in the lead-up to the 2017 election and has been used frequently in memes. 

Line of Duty is known for its use of acronyms and a new one was coined last night, which left fans baffled.

The acronym was CHIS, which stands for Covert Human Intelligence Sources, which was used frequently as detectives endeavoured to find out who killed Gail Vella.

Twitter was rife with viewers asking what it stood for and "jizz" was soon trending on the site as many thought they were hearing the slang word for semen.

The confusion was so widespread the BBC voiceover took it upon herself to clarify the acronym as the end credits rolled.

Will AC-12 and the MIT (Murder Investigation Team), get any closer to solving the murder mystery?

Line of Duty continues this Sunday at 9pm on BBC One.

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