Linda contacts mystery new Queen Vic owner in intriguing EastEnders scenes

Linda Carter (Kellie Bright) has once again been in contact with a mystery potential new owner of the Vic in EastEnders.

The landlady was seen making another secretive phone call, asking the person on the other end of the line whether they had the money for the Queen Vic yet.

She warned the caller that they needed to act quickly, as they were running out of time.

Linda was shocked when she learnt that Janine Butcher (Charlie Brooks) intended to sell Mick Carter’s share of the iconic pub, after his disappearance at sea on Christmas Day.

Since then, she has been desperate to find a buyer so that she can continue her stint behind the bar.

Despite offers from business tycoon Nish Panesar (Navin Chowdry) and best friend Sharon Watts (Letitia Dean), Linda turned to someone else entirely, making a secret phone call back in February.

She informed whoever was on the phone of the two offers that she already had, but made it clear that she would turn them both down if the person on the line could come up with the cash.

Though Sharon still believes that Linda plans to accept her offer, having hinted that the pub won’t feel so empty once her and Albie are also living there, it is clear that Linda has put her eggs firmly into someone else’s basket.

It is as yet unknown who the mystery caller might be, though it seems that they are already close with Linda.

With the pub set to be the setting of a Christmas day murder this year, as teased in a flashforward episode last month, could the mystery buyer end up being involved in that story?

The episode, which received an excellent reception from fans, saw six of Walford’s fiery women crowded around the body of a dead man.

Though his identity is yet to be revealed, rumours have already started over who it could be.

With Linda being one of The Six, could the body belong to the new buyer?

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