Life in Emmerdale village changes forever in shocking week

Viewers are set to be hit sideways with a huge turn of events that will see an innocent night out turn into a night of horror and discoveries, all with life changing consequences in Emmerdale.

A bunch of favourites will head out to let their hair down but will seriously wish they hadn’t. The storyline will unfold in a special two weeks of episodes, the first part airing from Monday 20th April.

Part one will see the Emmerdale locals heading into Hotten for the big night out that has already been teased. Leyla, Priya, David, Tracy, Maya, Kerry, Rhona, Victoria, Ellis, Aaron, Robert and Bernice all have their own reasons for wanting to have some harmless fun, and think a night out in the club will be just the answer. Oh how wrong they’ll be.

The night will be full of twists and turns, with huge revelations and danger coming straight from the dance floor.

When a fire alarm sounds chaos ensues as they all evacuate the club, a chain of events will be started that will leave absolutely everyone reeling.

Victoria (Isabel Hodgins) will be the victim of a horrific rape that will turn her life upside down. Someone will be stabbed and will be left fighting for their life.

And the proverbial hits the fan as Maya (Louisa Clein) is finally caught out with Jacob by one of the girls. What will happen to her?

Ellis (Asan N’Jie) finds himself in danger after coming between his brother and a robbery.

Rhona (Zoe Henry) is upset when she sees Pete getting close with a stranger which leads her into danger through her reaction, and Victoria becomes lost in the confusion of the mass evacuation with life changing consequences.

The second part of this huge tale will air two weeks later, beginning 4th May, and will reveal what really happened that night in a collection of flashbacks – and the audience will see how the lives of those who wanted a care free night out will be changed forever.

What will happen to our faves?!

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