Leslie Mann Admits Being in Love with 'George of the Jungle' Co-Star Brendan Fraser, and Then Has to Face Him

Fraser presents Mann a hilariously awkward and intimate gift — Plus, Mann and Busy recreate an iconic “I Love Lucy” moment.

Busy Philipps orchestrated a brilliant surprise for Leslie Mann after learning that the actress had genuinely fallen in love with her "George of the Jungle" co-star, Brendan Fraser.

Everyone loves a reunion, and it’s even better when love is involved. Never mind that Leslie married Judd Apatow about a month before the film came out in the summer of ’97. "I was supposed to fall in love with him and so I just fell in love with him in real life."

And for the record, she was very honest about it … to her then-fiance. "I was like, Judd, I love Brendan. And he was like, I know. Stop it," Leslie shared.


It was just one of those totally irrational things that happened. And yet, watching her talk about it more than 20 years later, it’s absolutely adorable. And clearly, that giddiness is still there because she was beside herself when Busy brought Brendan out.

For his part, the "Doom Patrol" was an absolute gentleman about the whole thing, and seemed to enjoy going down memory lane with her. But he had one story she didn’t know about. It went down while shooting a scene that didn’t even make the film. Leslie and Brendan were immersed in a sort of mud bath for the better part of a day while filming.

"While we were there, I look up and I could see through the greens in the bushes and there’s this guy there," Brendan said, mimicking the guy just staring at him.

"I know that look. I know men," he continued. "I didn’t know who it was. And then ‘40-Year Old Virgin’ came out and suddenly I realized that was Judd Apatow."

Hilariously, though, it’s totally possible Judd was just messing with the actor. Busy said that when she called him to tell him about the surprise she was planning, Judd said, "Oh yeah, Leslie’s in love with Brendan. I’ve known that for years."

Leslie tried several times to see if Brendan knew, and while he would never say outright, it seemed he clearly had some idea. He was very gracious, though, saying, "How can you not be in love with Leslie Mann?"

"Wait, you were in love with– Should we date?" Leslie joked as Brendan shook his head.

But he did bring her a lovely — and hilarious — parting gift. Framed and with a personalized message, Leslie is now the proud owner of that iconic loin cloth that an entire generation of women knows all too well.

And as for Judd, while it seems like there’s no hard feelings, Brendan did point out, "I have yet to have the pleasure of working with Mr. Apatow."

What would be totally appropriate and totally hilarious would be for Judd to direct both Leslie and Brendan in a film together. It could even be about a woman innocently falling in love with her coworker even though she’s engaged to another man and has no intention of leaving him. They always say, write what you know.

"I Love Lucy" Redux


Earlier in the episode, Leslie joined Busy to recreate one of the most famous scenes in television history. And when it comes to the iconic laughs of Lucille Ball, this is considered by many to be her absolutely masterpiece — right up there with Vitameatavegamin.

Leslie and Busy were totally committed to the insanity as a conveyor belt started sending bonbons their way. Just like Lucy and Ethel in the classic "I Love Lucy" episode, it seemed easy and reasonable at first, before quickly spiraling out of control.

But while Busy started to panic, Leslie was totally content shoving bonbons in her pockets and even on top of her and Busy’s chef hats. It probably helped that this wasn’t a real job and there were no real stakes. Still, the whole idea is anxiety inducing!

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