Kylie Jenner slammed for 'embarrassing' amount of photoshop as star looks 'unrecognizable' in same side-by-side post

KYLIE Jenner has been slammed by fans for the “embarrassing” amount of photoshop she used in an “unrecognizable” side-by-side photo. 

The 23-year-old posted a sultry selfie with YouTuber James Charles where she looked “drastically” different than how she appeared in the same video they appeared in together.

On Wednesday, the makeup and internet sensation shared a tutorial where he got the Kylie Cosmetics founder glam for Halloween. 

The video started out with an all-natural Kylie baring no makeup and having her hair up in two clips. 

In the 16 minute clip, the close pals poured some wine and gossiped about fun times together as James did her spooky look. 

The final look shows Kylie wearing heavy foundation, a gold smoky eye, and four stripes of bloody scratches from an apparent claw wound. 

Kylie donned a skintight leopard print bodysuit as she repeatedly posed for the camera with her Halloween makeup that was complete with her signature full red pout. 

To promote the tutorial, the mom-of-one posted a selfie to her 199million Instagram followers where her face was noticeable slimmer. 

Her eyes also appeared to be lightened as well as various facial features thinned out. 

When compared side-by-side to grabs from the original video, fans called out the KUWTK star for appearing to “photoshop” herself yet again. 

One person commented: “What the Kylie? She stretched her face to look like Mila Kunis!”

“It’s so annoying how much she edits herself. Embarrassing and downright not necessary,” another fired off. 

Someone else said: “LOL she don’t look like herself at all in these. Did she think we would not notice?!”

“When two plastics meet…” a follower wrote – referring to James’ common critique that he also has had “too much” work done. 

Over the Summer, Kylie was accused multiple times of heavily editing her own pictures. 

In one snap, Kylie is wearing a tight, white bodysuit in front of a fireplace, with her golden-brown hair tied up into a sleek ponytail as two strands frame her face.

The reality TV favorite looked stunning in the sexy snap, which was one of several in a post that she captioned: "My days are made up of Zoom meetings and playing dress up.”

However, critics were quick to accuse her of editing the photo, pointing out the distorted lines of the fireplace behind her chest.

In a close-up of Kylie's chest the wonky background – usually a tell-tale sign of photoshop – was highlighted. 

One fan commented on the post: "Why is Kylie still having fails??

"She's a billionaire, she can have a professional edit it for her.” 

Another said: "Imagine looking this hot and still you use photoshop.”

Kylie has been accused of many editing fails, previously deleting a bikini snap after fans pointed out the dramatically wonky swimming pool.

Distorted walls and cushion lines have also been apparent giveaways to her massive amount of followers in the past.

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