Kit Harington Hated His 'Game of Thrones' Costume — Here's Why

If you haven’t heard the news, we’re not sure where you’ve been, but Season 8 of Game of Thrones is finally set to premiere on Sunday, April 14th. After a two-year long hiatus –the fantasy epic is finally going to come to a thundering conclusion, and we seriously can’t wait.

Though we’ve indulged in the majesty of the series –including the epic battles, treason and sordid love stories, one of the most glorious parts of Game of Thrones have been the extensive costuming. Now, designer Michele Clapton –has revealed all of her sneaky costuming secrets.

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Kit Harington hated Jon Snow’s costume for one major reason

After eight seasons and nearly a decade working on Game of Thrones –most of the actors have opted to take home their costumes to commemorate their time on the series. However, Kit Harington who stars as Jon Snow on #demthrones had no desire to see his costume ever again. Michele Clapton told Marie Claire, “[Kit Harington] was glad to see the back of his because it weighed so much—which is sad. We were proud of the look we created.”

Season 8 of Game of Thrones was especially difficult to film

We’re sure that Harington was glad to lay never eyes on his costume again –especially after the horror that occured while filming Season 8. The final season of Game of Thrones required a ton of discipline and some very long nights. According to Entertainment Weekly, our favorite cast of characters came together for 11 weeks of night shoots to film the final battle on Game of Thrones. Iain Glen who stars as Ser Jorah Mormont on GoT said it was not a fun time. He told EW, 

It was the most unpleasant experience I’ve had on Thrones. A real test, really miserable. You get to sleep at seven in the morning and when you wake in the midday you’re still so spent you can’t really do anything, and then you’re back. You have no life outside it. You have an absolute f—ked bunch of actors. But without getting too method [acting] about it, on screen it bleeds through to the reality of the Thrones world.”

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Kit Harington says the final season of Games of Thrones will be a bloodbath

If you thought Hardhome, the Battle of the Bastards, or the Battle of the Blackwater were too much to handle, then you might not be prepared for the final season of GoT.  With White Walkers and an army of wights, giants, and an ice-breathing dragon at the Night King’s side, the casualty rate during Season 8 is bound to be astronomical.

In an interview with Deadline, Kit Harington who plays Jon on GoT, gave some insight into what he thinks might go down during the final season. He said,

The thing is, with so few characters left, they (the viewers) should get used to and get ready for next year is Thrones returning to form and killing its main characters quickly. They’re going to go, and they’re going to go fast, and I think that the payoff of our characters not being in great peril this year will be that, next year, it’s going to be a bloodbath.

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