Kirsty's son disappears in Doctors as he refuses to return to the army

It is a tough week for Kirsty and Rich (Kiruna Stamell and Richard Atwill) in Doctors as they have to tell Ollie (Isaac Benn) that they are splitting up. Unfortunately, Ollie ends up finding out by accident and is upset that they have kept this news from him.

He then reveals that he attempted to injure himself to get out of the army. When this didn’t work, he simply ran away. Just as he reveals this, a military man turns up at the door.

A Major Frank Danvers (Lucas Hare) enters the home and declares he intends to arrest Ollie for deserting. Ollie is scared and wants the Major to go away. Keen to protect her son, Kirsty insists she be allowed to talk to Danvers privately. She argues Ollie has effectively committed an act of self-harm by injuring himself and insists he be looked at by a doctor.

Sid (Ashley Rice) checks him over and admits he cannot be sure his injury will heal quickly. Danvers insists Ollie must return and says the army will look after him. Ollie really doesn’t want to go back.

Rich then rushes in and reveals Ollie has fled from the back garden. Danvers goes outside and sets off on Ollie’s trail. Kirsty realises Rich has deliberately let him go.

Kirsty and Rich are soon panicked about Ollie’s disappearance. However, they soon track him down themselves and call Major Danvers over. Both feel sad as Ollie is taken away.

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