Kim Kardashian wraps her ENTIRE $200K Lamborghini in SKIMS 'cozy fabric' as fans slam move as 'stupidest thing ever'

KIM Kardashian wrapped her ENTIRE $200K Lamborghini in fabric from her latest SKIMS cozy collection – which fans slammed as a “huge waste of money.” 

Off the heels of last night’s emotional Keeping Up With The Kardashians series finale, the reality star woke up to find her luxury vehicle covered in the pricey material. 

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Kim, 40, exited her Los Angeles mansion to see her Lambo decked out head to toe in the same cozy fabric from her SKIMS line that was wrapped around her car. 

The TV personality then showed off the expensive ride which had it’s complete exterior AND interior redone with the material. 

Even the tire’s hubcap was engulfed with the cozy collection, along with the insides seats, roof, steering wheel, floor and even the custom SKIMS license plate.  

She posted some snaps lounging next to the car wearing her cozy line’s new bra top, sweatpants and slides – even sunbathing on the hood in one picture. 

“OMG isn’t this the cutest and funniest thing ever??? A new lambo w everything @skims cozy fabric,” Kim captioned the shots. 

While it’s not exactly clear how much the total amount of fabric would have cost to cover the car, a bra top with the material that covers only a person’s chest retails for $50 – meaning the dollars would add up quickly for a whole vehicle. 

Fans were outraged she “wasted” her money on the “stupidest thing ever.” 

“This is the biggest waste of money I think I’ve ever seen in my life,” one critic commented. 

Another wrote: “OMG. Isn’t this the stupidest thing you’ve ever seen?”

“When you’re too rich and don’t know what to spend your money on smh,” a third said. 

One more quipped a line from the show, saying: “Kim, there’s people that are starving!” 

Many fans had a similar question which the mom-of-four left answered: “What happens if it rains?”

Although the entrepreneur was celebrating her latest SKIMS collection, she’s had a difficult week as her famous reality series came to a close last night. 

In the Kardashians’ last episode of their famed reality show EVER, the star appeared upset and blamed being diagnosed with Covid for failing the baby bar exam for the second time.

On last night’s episode, as the aspiring attorney is on the phone with her lawyers Erin Haney and Jessica Jackson, she checked her blinged-out MacBook and was disappointed with the results. 

“I failed! F**k,” Kim exclaimed as she looked at the California State Bar website.

“This is really annoying. I feel bummed, totally bummed. The total score was 463, I pretty much got the same thing, actually a little bit worse. 

"I just have to not stress about it. I can’t stress I just have to do better in the future,” Kim said. 

She then called her sister, Khloe Kardashian, 36, who rocked a “Kim is my lawyer” sweatshirt. 

“I am so annoyed. You are so supportive, and I didn't even come through. UGH!” the KKW Beauty founder told her sibling on FaceTime. 

“I am so annoyed. You are so supportive,” the SKIMS founder said on FaceTime. 

“You had Covid, you had your 40th birthday. You had a lot personally in your relationship. And quarantine itself. 

“I really don’t think this time counted,” Khloe assured her sister. 

She continued to remind her that “even if you passed, we said that would’ve been a miracle because of Covid.”

The TV personality then explained that she would dedicate the next four-six weeks to studying and would take the baby bar exam for a third time in June 2021. 

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