Killing Eve’s Sandra Oh warns ‘there’s never gonna be a happy ending’ and teases ‘bleak’ future for couple in season 4

SANDRA Oh has offered her thoughts on what's in store for her Killing Eve alter-ego when the acclaimed drama returns for season 4.

When season 3 wrapped earlier this year the ending was tentatively optimistic, with Eve and Villanelle (Jodie Comer) seemingly choosing a life together during a poignant meeting on London's Tower Bridge.

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However, with Eve's marriage to Nico in tatters after a botched assasination attempt and Villanelle desperate to quit The Twelve, it's safe to say the pair went through their own ordeals in the lead up to the poignant moment.

During an interview with Gold Derby, Oh confessed that Eve wasn't set for a happily ever after of any kind – and claimed the character had even made her peace with that.

"I don’t know if a fulfilling life is in her cards. One of the things that I really love so much about the show is it will give the time and space for a character to figure out her own life – but that doesn’t necessarily mean a happy ending," she explained.

"Like, in some ways, a fulfilling or happy life, let’s just say, by the end of season 3, Eve knows she’s never gonna have that. That whole idea of what she seemed to have had and what she did have in the pilot, three seasons ago, she really left," she continued.

"She left actively and she was also pulled away from and so by the end of it, I think that she has a much more poetic but — what’s the word — realistic outlook on her life, and it’s a little bleak."

She concluded: "But the idea of a happy or fulfilling life that might look a certain way is no longer, I don’t think, in the cards for Eve. And I think she’s really okay with that."

On a slightly more positive note, Oh did say that Eve and Villanelle were bound together by a genuine connection after all the shared trauma they had been through.

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As an executive producer on the show Oh is heavily involved with the writing process and she said that she found the season 3 finale to be the culmination of years of chemistry between Eve and Villanelle.

"After all the mayhem and violence and the chasing and the running away and trying to get to all this stuff, they actually kind of come together.

"They come together in a way of, like, 'Actually, you’re the only one that I can kind of trust and depend on because you’ve been going through your own war. I’ve been going through my own war. And I just need to rest for a second and actually, the only person I can rest with is you,'" she went on.

"Which has not been the case for almost three seasons, but in a way, I’m really glad that we got to that point because it was really, really hard to find an organic way to move that very, very palpable and explosive dynamic that they have with each other.

"But it felt true to me that in some way, they’re the only ones who really understand each other and they’ve come to realize that."

The comments come after Jodie Comer was voted the "sexiest killer on TV" in a recent poll with viewers.

Elsewhere, Killing Eve writers announced new Channel 4 drama Screw about a female officer working in a men's prison.

Killing Eve seasons 1-3 are available to stream on BBC iPlayer now.

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