Kieran Hayler says he 'wouldn't be surprised' if ex Katie Price was pregnant with Carl Woods' baby and congratulates her

KIERAN Hayler has admitted he "wouldn't be surprised" if ex-wife Katie Price was pregnant again with Carl Woods' baby.

The 33-year-old revealed his own baby joy this week, announcing he and girlfriend Michelle Penticost, 39, are expecting their first child together.

Opening up in an interview with new! magazine, Kieran, who shares children Jett, 7, and Bunny, 6 with former glamour model Katie, said he "wouldn't be surprised" if she had another baby.

"It's being spoken about all the time and if they are [expecting], then congratulations to them," Kieran said.

He added that he only speaks to ex Katie, 42, who he was formally divorced from earlier this month, "about the kids".

"We're living different lives now," he added. "I don’t know what’s going on in her life, she doesn’t know what’s going on in my life. All we need to speak about is the kids."

"We just get on because of the kids. Other than that there’s no reason for us to be in each other’s lives. We’re moving on. She’s happy and I’m happy."

He concluded "all he could wish for" was happiness for his ex – and said the TV personality would be welcome at his wedding, which is expected to be "next summer".

Katie was left in shock at Kieran's baby news, as she wasn't told by the couple herself but found out online.

A source told The Sun: "Katie was shocked as they're on good terms and she thought that he'd give her the heads up before going public."

The star's rep confirmed: "Katie was not aware of the news until she was notified of today's headlines."

"We're really excited to announce our news to the world. We found out in the last week of November," Michelle, who got engaged to Kieran last year, announced.

Kieran added: "It’s nice to bring families together, like Michelle and Valentino with me, Jett and Bunny. It will bring us together as a whole family and cements us forever."

Although the two are on good terms now, Michelle has had a rocky experience with her fiancé's ex – who was slapped with a five-year restraining order in 2019.

Katie had launched a foul-mouthed tirade against Michelle in the playground of their kids' school.

She and Kieran finally signed the divorce papers on their marriage earlier this month, with Katie celebrating her "freedom".

She called an end to her five-year marriage to the former stripper in March 2018 following a tumultuous relationship dogged with cheating scandals.

Their "fairy tale" love story didn't last long, when Katie was left heartbroken as she discovered Kieran had been having sex with their children's nanny all over the house.

It was the final straw following his bombshell seven-month affair with Katie's best pal of 20 years, Jane Pountney, in 2014.

Katie exclusively told The Sun: "Finally, we've signed the divorce papers. I'm so happy that I'm free from that marriage.

"The only good thing that came out of it was my children. I can now continue my life with all the badness behind me. All I can do is wish him luck."

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