Katy Perry takes swipe at Normal People’s non-stop sex scenes and suggests raunchy new title for BBC drama – The Sun

KATY Perry has poked fun at Normal People’s non-stop sex scenes and suggested a raunchy new title for the BBC drama.

The pregnant star – who is expecting a baby with Orlando Bloom – tweeted: “The show should be renamed: ‘We Have Much More Sex Than NORMAL PEOPLE'”.

Katy’s post was well received by fans.

One follower wrote: “'BAHAHAHAH THIS I WHY I LOVE YOU.”

Another replied: “YASSS YOU’RE WATCHING IT”.

The TV hit, which is based on Sally Rooney’s 2018 novel of the same name, features 41 minutes of sex across 12 episodes.

Stars Paul Mescal, 24, and Daisy Edgar-Jones, 21 – who play young lovers Connell and Marianne – had help from an intimacy coach to make their sex scenes as realistic as possible.

Earlier this month is was revealed the drama had become a hit on Pornhub.

A 22-minute compilation of all the sex scenes from the 12-part series had been viewed more than 175,000 times.

A source said: “They were hoping for lots of viewers, but I’m not sure the BBC can count Pornhub traffic in its figures.”

However, Normal People bosses have demanded that adult website Pornhub take down a 22-minute compilation video of the show's sex scenes.

The higher-ups on the hit show got their wish as according to Variety, the video was taken down after a removal was requested after a fan uploaded the video to the site last week.

Executive producer of the series Ed Guiney said: "We're hugely disappointed that excerpts from the series of Normal People have been used in this way.

"It's both a violation of copyright and more importantly, it's deeply disrespectful to the actors involved and to the wider creative team.

"We have taken appropriate steps to require that the content be removed from the platform with immediate effect."

Pornhub's vice-president Corey Price verified that the footage of the racy scenes has been removed from the website.

He explained: "Pornhub is fully compliant with the law. We respect all copyright requests and as soon as we become aware of the existence of these types of videos on our site, we have them removed."

This is nothing new for TV program producers, as they regularly contact video sharing sites to remove any of their content that has been uploaded and have anti-piracy sites scouring the internet for copyright infringement.

While popular sites will comply and take the videos down, some illegal sites will play hard ball and TV companies will have to fork out and take legal action.

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