Katie Price reveals she hates her body as she rubs 'pregnant' belly in preview from My Crazy Life

KATIE Price reveals she "hates" her body as she shows off her 'pregnant' belly in a preview clip from her show My Crazy Life.

The 40-year-old reality star and ex-glamour model will shock viewers when she tells them she's "unattractive" and overeats.

Her mum Amy tells Katie "you're big for you" as she laments her weight in the new episode.

But Katie replies: "I hate my body. I hate myself. What's attractive?

"I like food, my mash potato, my Shepherd's pie, then I like my cream, my butter, then I like dessert. Then I like biscuits at night then I like my crisps.

"This is me."

Katie sits in the sunshine wearing a pink sarong and bikini, as she sips on a glass of coke.

She shows off her "preggy belly" to her mum Amy before sucking her belly in, and telling fans her mum's pep talk reassures her.

Mum-of-five Katie has previously promoted weight loss supplements – but failed to mention her recent liposuction surgery.

Katie credited the product with helping her get her body "back on track" but has already revealed to fans that she goes under the knife to get rid of fat.

Sharing two snaps of herself in red and black workout gear, Katie – who has been slammed for promoting weight loss supplements in the past – told fans she was the most confident she'd felt in a long time.

She captioned the shot: "#ad Back at it again with @boombod Never been shy about what I want, but at the end of the day it’s about confidence, and mine is on fire right now.

"Honestly, thought my birthday would throw me off this week but not with these weight loss shots – just pour, mix & shoot and boom, bod’s back on track, just the way I like it."

"If you're looking for quick & easy results, they’ve got a HUGE sale on RN – BOGO Free on EVERY flavour."

And Katie's followers, who only yesterday accused her of Photoshopping a snap to make her waist look smaller, were quick to point out the star recently jetted to Turkey for liposuction surgery.

One wrote: "You have had surgery though! they won’t make anyone look like that! you look fab but it’s not with them."

Another commented: "you’ve had surgery really isn’t going to be these is it."

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Katie will discuss in detail her plans to have surgery in her new show.

And despite now being in the recovery process, the star recently admitted she still wants more work done.

She told fans: “10 days since surgery my face still swollen and already over the moon with my face !

“My body still few weeks away from seeing any result but so happy Thankyou @comfortzonesurgeryofficialcan’t wait for future procedures.”

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