Katie Price posts pictures of daughter Bunny, 6, wearing make-up and false lashes saying 'she loves it'

KATIE Price shared a photo of six-year-old daughter Bunny wearing a full face of make-up and false lashes.

The reality star, 42, posted a snap her daughter’s glamorous makeover complete with glittery eyeshadow, false lashes and contouring.

Katie captioned the cute Insta post: "Bunny loves makeup so much which isn’t a surprise because her sister and me love it and opps I put it on.”

While most of her fans complimented the new look, some said Katie shouldn't be putting make-up on her youngest child.

Katie's followers loved the makeover saying that she looked “cute” and “just like her mum”.

One wrote: “She looks adorable, just like her sister and mum.”

Another posted: “I don’t see a problem with all of this, if she likes makeup like this she might grow up to be a professional makeup artist.”

A third reacted: “Bunny is beautiful; every little girl likes to try on makeup.”

Another added: "Looking gorgeous Bunny, just like her beautiful mum."

Some fans were thought Bunny looked beautiful but was too young for make-up.

One Instagram user wrote: “Kids have very sensitive skin and should never have to wear so much make up.”

Another added: "She is far too young for make up in my opinion. No hate, I just want her to have good skin.”

Bunny is one of Katie's two children with ex-husband Kieran Hayler, she's also the youngest of Katie's five kids.

Katie recently came under fire last month after covering Bunny in make- up for a tutorial.

The reality star showed off their glamorous makeover which featured rolling their hair with Coca-Cola cans, reminiscent of Lady Gaga in her Telephone video.

Their stunning look also came with cat winged liquid eyeliner, contouring and a bright red lipstick.

Katie captioned the cute Insta post: "Never underestimate the pricey, I know what’s coming up… #bunnyisinheavenwiththemakeup."

Not all fans were impressed by the photo, one user wrote: “Omg so wrong to put a child in full make up on where anyone can see it."

The mum-of-five sparked pregnancy rumours as she teased "something is brewing" with boyfriend Carl Woods.

The former glamour model sent fans wild with her latest Instagram post as she teased something new and big in her life.

Posting from her shared couples account, she captioned the photo: "Something is brewing and we can’t wait to share it with you #healthyandhappy"

Fans went crazy with speculation at the photo, with some people saying it's an engagement – and others are saying she might be pregnant.

One person said: "I reckon it’s a baby – Kate goes blonde when pregnant ?"

Another added: "Baby or marriage or making their own alcohol of some sort lol"

A third remarked: "I hope it's an engagement as now has the right fella!! Good luck at last katie ?"

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