Kardashian fans think Khloe is trying to make Kim 'jealous' after the sisters wear rivaling looks at Paris Fashion Week | The Sun

KHLOE Kardashian's fashion week outfit might have Kim turning green with envy.

Khloe was photographed wearing an outfit that was black from head to toe.

Her sunglasses, windbreaker, purse, and poots looked seamless.

Yes, she wore poots, the pant boots that Kim has made famous, or infamous.

Poots are pants that the fabric continues down and is connected to the shoes. They're usually made out of legging or spandex material.

Kim has been known to sport the poot and critics said the fashion statement was "unflattering" when Kim wore it.


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Fans on Reddit believe Khloe's outfit mimics Kim Kardashian's signature look, but most people agreed that Khloe wore it better.

One user said: "Khloe’s taller so a lot of the outfits she wears looks better than when Kim wears it IMO."

Another said: "She looks SO much better than Kim…& frankly, I hope Kim is sooooooo jealous of that. Normally, I’d wish she was happy for her, but Kim has always thought & been treated as if she’s the “best looking” in her fam."

Someone else said: "I like the way she styled them better, too. Kim sometimes does this cool sporty/casual/streetwear style too, but she usually overdoes it with a skintight top instead. Khloe looks effortlessly cool while Kim usually looks desperate and overdone."

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A Reddit user said: "Okay, only khlo is allowed to wear the poots."

Someone said: "Slayed is a strong word … but she did style them better than Kim did."

This might be one of the first times the public agreed that Khloe wore something better than Kim.


Even when Khloe looks amazing, she's still criticized by the public for being too thin.

She's also sold her used clothing online and, although they were discounted, they were still hundreds of dollars.

She was criticized for not giving the money to charity even though she is a member of a rich and powerful family.

Khloe also collaborated with Shein, a fast fashion company that has been called unethical.

Fans questioned Khloe's ethics for working with a brand that has copied work from smaller artists.

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