Kardashian fans slam Kim for ‘mocking’ poor people at gas station photoshoot while star shows off her skinny waist | The Sun

KIM Kardashian has faced backlash yet again, this time for making fun of poor people with a recent gas station photoshoot.

The reality star was seen posing in a designer look at what looked like a truck stop.

Kim, 41, was spotted with her personal photographer in tow outside a Los Angeles gas station.

She wore her blond hair straight with slightly curled ends and a long black dress as she posed at the pump and against the store.

The Kardashians star paired the look with sleek black shades and a tiny black bag.

Her slim figure was on full display in the photos, but that's not what fans were focused on.

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On Reddit, the SKIMS founder was slammed as "embarrassing" and "pathetic," among other insults.

"She's only doing it to one up Kourtney. Oh you're just in the gas station, well I'm going to actually pump gas," one user critiqued, noting the Poosh founder and husband Travis Barker's recent gas station photoshoot.

A second hater commented: "The world is changing, the average people are struggling financially as we plunge into a global recession and more progressive attitudes are prevalent among the public … Excessively rich people are not appealing to the average person anymore."

They added: "They have flaunted their extreme wealth too much and are completely vapid."

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Another commenter joked: "I can't believe Donatella pumps her own gas, what a queen."

A third noted: "It's not even pumping. The curved handle is not engaged. Definitely doesn't even know how to do it."

"She’s not actually pumping gas. Pathetic. What is the reason for this?" someone else wrote.

Another added: "Kim Kardashian cosplaying a "cool poverty" again. She's pumping gas like peasants but in designer clothes and full glam. It's like, you know, so iconic."

As noted by commenters online, Kim isn't the first member of her family to visit a gas station for online content.


Just weeks prior, Kourtney and Travis, 46, took a series of snaps inside a truck stop while on the road.

The couple, who was dressed in baggy clothes, was seen eyeing up the chips, before trying on some of the high-vis vests that were on sale. 

They then posed in the parking lot together, which was filled with trucks. 

Kourtney captioned the shoot: "Truck stop, huh?"

Critics accused her of making fun of "working class" people with the shoot.

On Reddit, one user wrote: "It's full mockery. 'Look babe, we’re just like poor people!'"

Another added: "We – the working class – are a sideshow to them. So tone-deaf."

A third commented: "Cosplaying as commoners has proven to be extremely effective PR!"

Kourtney faced similar backlash when she posted a picture to her Instagram Stories of a makeshift dinner table sitting in an overgrown backyard.

The pic showed a ping pong table that was set like a dinner table for 10 people with plastic backyard chairs and wooden stools.

The shrubs surrounding the table were overgrown and had weeds growing throughout.

The post came from the account "SomewhereIWouldLikeToLive," which showcases various of dinner table settings.

One fan wrote on a social media thread: "I live in rural Mexico and we do that during parties, but its bcs we don’t have more space, not by choice lmaooo. What is Kourtney even thinking."

"She wouldn’t last 5 seconds in that person’s 15x15ft. backyard sitting on dirty lawn chairs eating off of those cheap *** plastic plates," said another.

Kim, meanwhile, was slammed in late August for flaunting her wealth – something she and her siblings are often called out for.


The drama began when she posted on Instagram about a giveaway that would land one lucky winner $130,000.

The mom of four decided the best photo to post to announce the giveaway would be of her posing in front of dozens of designer shopping bags. 

Fans were disappointed with Kim, with one writing: "are u serious Kim? What kind of tasteless trash is this? It’s not cute."

Some commenters kept their critique short, as another wrote simply: "Kim baby people are dying," and "People are starving."

A third person wrote: "Kim you just spent all the money I ever made in one photograph."

Some commenters claimed the giveaway was dishonest: "It’s astounding a billionaire needs to participate in scams still."

A lot of commenters, who wanted to enter the giveaway, said they would use the money for a downpayment on a house — not on designer bags.

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