Jurassic World fans stunned as Dominion release date is delayed an entire year

JURASSIC World: Dominion has been delayed by a year and won't be released until 2022.

Director Colin Trevorrow announced the news on Twitter last night and it was met with a collective groan from disappointed fans.

He shared the movie's poster with its new release date ofJune 10, 2022.

Trevorrow added: "For the past three months, I’ve worked with an extraordinary cast and crew on a film we can’t wait to share with the world.

"Even though we'll have to wait a bit longer, it will all be worth it. Let’s stay healthy and take care of each other until then."

Fans were stunned by the news after The Batman movie and James Bond 25 release dates were also pushed back.

One fan tweeted: "I understand 100%, but I’m still rolling around on the floor and crying like a baby. I’m sending safe hugs, too."

Another angry fan wrote: "Correction, you want a big payday return on the film. Cast and crew worked perfectly OK thru the pandemic but now you decide not to support the cinemas.

"If they weren't allowed open i'd get it, but they are but now closing due to the lack of big block busters."

Though one optimistic fan pointed out: "The dinos had to wait 65 million years to come back, I reckon we can handle an extra 12 months."

The Jurassic World cast and crew, including Sam Neil, Bryce Dallas Howard and Chris Pratt, having been filming the third film in the rebooted franchise in the UK.

New Zealand born film star Sam, 73, said he was unable to return to his hometown and is required to remain isolated at his United Kingdom hotel until filming is complete.

Speaking to The Sydney Morning Herald, Sam revealed as a safety precaution he, and his fellow castmates are tested for COVID-19 at least three times per week.

He said: "We are in this kind of bubble where we are insulated from the world and as long as I don't turn on the news I am perfectly happy. Well … there is maybe the odd glum day, let's put it that way."

The news followed Cineworld temporarily closing venues in the UK.

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