Joel Dommett tricks fans into thinking he’s cheated on his wife Hannah in hilarious hair campaign video – The Sun

JOEL Dommett has tricked fans into thinking he's cheated on his wife Hannah Cooper in a hilarious video for a new campaign.

The comedian, 34, is full of emotion in the 60-second clip as he says he's “let someone down that’s really…really close to me”.

Looking teary-eyed and rubbing his face with his hands, he adds he “wants them to know how much they truly mean to me”.

But fans of the popular pairing need not worry – as the video is actually a spoof.

Joel has in fact cheated on his barber by asking Hannah to give him a trim at home – and it all went horribly wrong.

He's now encouraging people to put down their clippers in lockdown and wait until they can visit their barber to get a proper cut.

The video ends with Joel turning his head to reveal Hannah's bodged attempt with the clippers.

Joel and Hannah hit it off after the model sent him a message on Instagram back in 2016.

They tied the knot last September in a blissful ceremony held in Mykonos, Greece.

In a further post Joel explained he was launching Long for Barbers, which comes from leading hair care brand VO5.

As part of the pledge, VO5 is asking people to donate what they can to The Lions Barber Collective, which trains local barbers to spot signs of mental ill health in customers and direct them to a resource that will help them.

Joel said: “I just felt so guilty for my betrayal. I had to find a way to make it up not just to my own barber; but local barbers across the UK.”

He added:  “Donations to Long for Barbers will be used to train barbers to make their chair a safe space for men to have conversations. So while you impatiently wait to get back in one, grow your hair and donate what you can.”

VO5 is kicking off pledges with a £10,000 donation to The Lions Barber Collective, and is asking men to pledge to go long and donate what they can to the campaign.

Founded in September 2015, on the belief that the barbershop is a great, safe place for men to talk, The Lions Barber Collective trains barbers to use the time spent talking to clients as an opportunity to spot signs of mental distress.

Founder Tom Chapman said: “With the donation from VO5 alone we can train just over 65 hair pros with a potential reach of over 32,000 people each week.

"The idea is not to make barbers into counsellors or psychiatrists, but to enable them to bridge the gap between the communities we serve and the resources that are available, while providing a safe non-judgemental safe space to share, open up and or offload."

Avoid the embarrassment of a dodgy lid and join VO5 and Joel in pledging to Long for Barbers and donate by visiting

or texting:

To donate £1, text LONG4VO5 to 70201

To donate £3, text LONG4VO5 to 70331

To donate £5, text LONG4VO5 to 70970

To donate £10, text LONG4VO5 to 70191

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