Jersey Shore Party Crashers: Will Angelina Freak When The Boys Invade Her Bachelorette Bash?

Angelina’s girls-only bachelorette bash in the Big Easy is about to become a full-blown family affair — whether she likes it or not.

Tonight’s episode of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation saw Mike, Vinny, and Pauly D surprising the gals in New Orleans, barely even 24 hours after Angelina’s first unexpected guest arrived: JWOWW. At Deena’s convincing, Jenni opted to push aside any hurt feelings about that whole Zack situation and join the bachelorette festivities, unbeknownst to the bride-to-be.

“What the f*ck? Like, she’s here. I’m so happy to see her, but I’m also like, ‘Is she here to start drama?’ What is Jenni here for exactly? I’m shocked right now,” asked Angelina. “I’m definitely not sure about her intentions.”

While the two on-again, off-again frenemies  “squashed the beef” with a heart to heart, the boys quickly grew bored with their guys’ weekend in Las Vegas and hatched a plan to “crash the bachelorette” at the behest of the resident prank war champion, Vincent Chase Pauly D.

“If the MVPs [aren’t] at their party, it’s whack,” he said. “They’re definitely missing us. I wanna crash that party, like, fly into New Orleans and pop into their party, bring the stripper.”

While the DJ’s plan might have been fine any other day, the roommate who shall forever be affectionately known as a “dirty little hamster” was already on edge with how things were shaking down in NOLA. Apparently, 4 a.m. was way too early to be calling it a night: “This sucks — I don’t wanna go home. It’s not fair. It’s my bachelorette party, and I want to stay out all night.”

So Snooki and Deena continued with their mission to get Angelina “white-girl wasted,” as the determined party crashers donned their Operation Incognito attire, “real stealth-like” bullhorn included, for a sneaky Mission: Guido of their own.

Will the Staten Island native be glad to see the rest of her fam, or will she freak out because they’re not part of her plans? It’s worth noting that the gals are less than thrilled with Vinny (dubbed a “douche canoe” by Nicole), in particular, for his involvement in Zack-gate. Tell us what you think will happen, then catch the bachelorette aftermath next Thursday at 8/7c.

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