Jeremy Clarkson issues warning to farm newcomer as Lisa Hogan shares problem

Jeremy Clarkson shares man appearing to steal from farm shop

In Lisa Hogan’s latest video from the farm, she joined Jeremy Clarkson in his car as they tended to a problem in one of his fields at his Oxfordshire farm.

When they arrived, they ran into Clarkson’s Farm favourite Kaleb Cooper and two newcomers to the farm who are yet to appear in the hit Amazon Prime series.

It appeared as though a pile-up of tractors and a combine harvester had caused a traffic jam on Jeremy’s land and he spoke with Kaleb and the others in front of him.

One of the newcomers was going to hop in the combine harvester to get Jeremy’s crops out of the ground.

Lisa exclaimed as she panned the camera across the field: “We have a Diddly Squat traffic jam here.”

READ Jeremy Clarkson shares video of man ‘stealing’ from Diddly Squat Farm Shop

The newbie was briefing Jeremy on his plans and explained: “Start at the back and work my way forward.”

“Easy,” Kaleb chimed in ahead of Jeremy adding: “It’s not easy.”

Kaleb and the new face obviously knew one another as Kaleb replied: “It’s easy for him because he’s been driving muck spreaders and everything.”

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The Diddly Squat newcomer was clearly anxious, admitting: “You say that but now I’m like shaking, like f**king hell.”

Jeremy warned: “If you spill any, I’m gonna come get medieval on your a**e.

“But you need to be a pigeon where you have one eye looking backwards and one eye looking where you’re going.”

Kaleb weighed in: “I can’t believe you’re giving advice now.” 

He reassured the newbie he’d be fine as the unfamiliar face prepared himself for the task at hand. 

Whether Clarkson’s Farm viewers will be able to see the newcomers during season three, remains to be seen. 

Clarkson’s Farm episodes are available to watch on Amazone Prime. 

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