Jeremy Clarkson drives off in rage as he abandons restaurant opening

Clarkson's Farm star Lisa Hogan is charged by a cow

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Clarkson’s Farm is back on Amazon Prime Video and Jeremy Clarkson was feeling the strain of Brexit. He was keen to open a restaurant to make more money but lost a lengthy battle with the local council. After finally finding the perfect solution, Jeremy realised how tricky the turnaround would be.

Jeremy had wanted to turn his old lambing barn into a restaurant, serving up the beef from his own herd of cows.

However, the local council and some residents were up in arms over his plans, feeling they would blight the area of outstanding natural beauty.

After his planning application was refused, he found out he could turn a dilapidated barn on his land into a restaurant.

As the barn was more than 10 years old and within the size limit, he did not need planning permission.

However, not wanting to give the council time to fight back against the plans, he gave his team just two days to build it.

After a few hiccups, opening day had finally arrived but the problems were only just beginning.

There were various electrical faults in the kitchen, which put a halt on preparing the meals for paying guests.

Those visiting the restaurant were left waiting for a long time at the farm and they were getting impatient.

Jeremy started swearing and shouting as cars kept pulling up to the restaurant against his wishes.

When he asked whether he could remove a mop and bucket from the premises, someone said: “I think we need to mop the floor first.”

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Jeremy hit back: “We can’t, the guests are here. F*** it, it’s a farm.”

He was heard shouting at another driver: “Here’s a tip, if you have got a job to do, get out the car and f****** run because we need to move this car.”

In his voiceover, he said: “At this point, I realised that my inner Gordon Ramsey was doing more harm than good.

“So I made a decision.” He was then seen telling Charlie Ireland: “I’m going to move myself now.”

He then got in his car and drove off, leaving Charlie looking perplexed.


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He said: “I just love the way our host is leaving about five minutes after the restaurant was meant to open” as he watched Jeremy abandon the opening.

After cooling off, Jeremy returned to the restaurant and welcomed the first of his guests.

Once he could see the food was well underway and the guests were happy, he started to relax.

Thankfully, the guests only had kind words to say about the opening and they loved the food.

Once the evening came to a close, Charlie and Jeremy reflected on everything they had achieved.

Charlie said Jeremy should be proud and Jeremy said Charlie should feel the same as he had worked so hard.

He treated the whole team to a lunch out in the sun as they celebrated their success.

After 48 hours since the council became aware of their plans, they had still not been in touch.

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