Jazz Jennings' Boyfriend Could Be 'Kicked Out' of His House Because His Mother Disagrees with Their Relationship

Could Jazz Jennings be coming to a crossroads in her relationship?

Throughout the current season of I Am Jazz, the 18-year-old transgender reality star has introduced her new boyfriend to viewers. Although their “relationship has been going so so well” up until now, the couple is facing a major hurdle that could potentially make or break their future together.

In PEOPLE’s exclusive sneak peek of Tuesday’s episode of the TLC reality series, Ahmir, who is visiting Jennings and her family in Florida, says that his mom, who lives in Philadelphia, does not support their relationship.

“My mom is not actually as accepting as I originally thought she would be,” Ahmir, 19, tells Jennings, who underwent gender confirmation surgery in June 2018.

“She didn’t acknowledge you for who you were. … She would say ‘he’ and ‘that’s a man because he was born a man,’ ” Ahmir says to Jennings, who clarifies that his mother “misgendered” her.

But more than viewing Jennings “as a guy,” Ahmir admits that “the most hurtful thing my mom said was that Jazz was still a man and that I would be gay for being in a relationship with Jazz.”

When his mother told him that, Ahmir admits that he “lost it because I’m not gay. I’m not attracted to men. And Jazz is a female, so it just didn’t make sense to me.”

Looking to the future, Jennings wants clarity about what Ahmir’s mother’s opinions mean for their relationship.

“How I feel is not going to change,” he assures her.

He also recognizes that his mother could not welcome him home because of their differences in beliefs.

“She might not let me back in the house, to be honest,” he says.

“She’s going to kick you out of the house just because you like a girl who happens to be transgender?” Jennings asks.

“Right,” he tells Jennings, and adds of his mother, “That’s just how she is. And I’m very outspoken. So yeah, that could potentially lead to me, I guess, being kicked out of the house or whatever else.”

Regardless of what comes, Jennings was thankful that Ahmir defended their romance — but she’s still concerned for her boyfriend’s well-being.

“Despite this whole situation, I’m really touched that Ahmir is willing to stand up to his mother. But it’s really scary to think that just being in a relationship with me could cause him to not even have a home.”

Although Jennings is willing to speak with his mother, Ahmir doesn’t think that her outlook can be changed.

“I feel like she’ll still have her views and she’ll still have her opinions,” he says. “I feel like we should just enjoy our time together instead of worrying about my family or whatever.”

I Am Jazz airs Tuesdays (9 p.m. ET) on TLC.

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