Janet Street-Porter recalls ‘kicking’ ex-husband during a heart attack

Janet talks about 'kicking' her ex-husband as he was having a heart attack

Janet Street-Porter left her Loose Women co-stars with their heads in their hands after admitting to kicking her ex-husband whilst he was suffering from a heart attack.

As the show came to an end, the ladies discussed the latest trends with one being named “Divorce Day”.

Jane Moore explained: “Now, with Summer Holidays over, many couples are expected to start the ball rolling when it comes to getting a divorce.

“And apparently today is aptly being called Divorce Day. We have got to go to our resident expert on this, Janet?”

Laughing, Janet said: “Thank you. There is a reason why I went on holiday by myself last week! My theory about divorce is not that it’s one thing that tips you over the edge, and think that is it I can no longer spend the rest of my life with this person.

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“Like an inventory and on the debit side all these little things build up, all those little things that you set to one side and then you go on holiday with them and you have no escape.

“There is nowhere to go except the bar or the beach and I just think that is the reason,” leaving Denise Welch to ask: “People are calling this the ick, did you not get the ick with them before you married them?”

Recalling one of her many stories over her life, Janet admitted: “Yeah I got the ick with my third husband quite a lot because he did that thing where you have Sunday lunch and you have given him quite a lot of food, in fact, a lot of food.

“Then he has gone to the roast potatoes for seconds before you have even finished yours, so it all came to a crunch when we went for a walk after lunch.

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“I was thinking ‘How much longer can I tolerate this?’ and he fell on the ground, and I thought he had overeaten so I kicked him.”

This left the crowd to burst into a fit of laughter with Denise planting her head in her hands at how confidently Janet was telling the story.

Janet went on: “Not a big kick, and I went ‘Get up, get up, you shouldn’t have eaten so much’ but he was actually having a heart attack.

“And then of course he had to have a bypass surgery on my health insurance,” as Jane quipped: “As caring as ever.”

Loose Women airs weekdays from 12.30pm on ITV.

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