Janet Street-Porter issues warning to Harry over ‘dangerous’ memoir

Prince Harry: Memoir timing is 'dangerous' says Street-Porter

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Loose Women panellist Janet Street-Porter believes Prince Harry’s upcoming memoir about his life in the Royal Family is a “very dangerous project”. The outspoken journalist warned the Duke of Sussex he has to consider the impact of what gets published on Tuesday’s instalment of the ITV talk show. 

The Loose Women panel, which was made up of Coleen Nolan, Ruth Langsford and Linda Robson, discussed writing autobiographies as Linda is releasing hers soon.

Janet opened up about publishing her own autobiography called Baggage: My Childhood in which she details loathing her mother and trying to kill her sister.

They swiftly moved on to discuss the release of Harry’s upcoming memoir which is believed to detail the unique experiences he’s faced as the youngest son of King Charles III. 

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex famously stepped down as senior royals in 2020 and it is understood Harry has been working on the book since moving to America.

When asked whether Harry should release his memoir later this year as planned, Janet exclaimed: “It’s a very dangerous project because his granny has died, his grandfather has died in the last year, and his father has lost both parents in the last year. 

“His father has a new job, his brother has also been promoted and with that comes an enormous amount of responsibility. 

“If you care anything for your siblings and close family who are still alive you have to consider the impact of what you are going to say.” 

Janet continued: “I understand Harry does feel hurt, and justifiably feels missed out and sidelined, but is now really the time [to release his book]?”

Her co-star Ruth suggested publishers will want the book to be quite revealing as they “want the juicy gossip”. 

Ruth added: “The book was due to be published this autumn but there is now a question mark over it.”

Their debate comes following reports Harry is calling for last-minute rewrites of his autobiography in a bid to avoid a public backlash in wake of the Queen’s death. 

Penguin Random House had already overseen a rewrite of the first draft, which was deemed “disappointing” and “too emotional”, a source told The Sun.

The source added: “The publishers paid $20m [£17.5m] upfront because they knew whatever was written would be huge for sales and exposure all around the world.” 

Loose Women viewers were left divided over Janet’s calls to have the memoir released at a later date as King Charles III adjusts to being sovereign. 

@Shrimpsy tweeted: “Personally I think Harry’s book will be more about his mother and his feelings and how happy he is after meeting Meghan and having his children. Nothing more, so hopefully if that’s all it will shut the media up, but no doubt they will still twist his words.” (sic) 

Sandra Strew penned: “Why do people feel the need to constantly discuss and berate Harry and Megan? Leave them alone, what harm are they doing to you? No wonder he goes on about mental health issues when you always talk about them! #LooseWomen.” 

Sara said: “Everyone is speculating about what’s in Prince Harry’s book and has already decided he’s in the wrong, yet absolutely no one knows anything. It’s utterly ridiculous #LooseWomen.” 

Blossom remarked: #LooseWomen So [Janet Street-Porter] wrote her book after her mother had died, but Harry can’t. I think [Harry] knows exactly what he’s doing. And after the hate I saw on here about them, he should do it.” 

Bryant Curtis added: “What if Harry has no intention of talking negatively in his memoirs? I think people are jumping the gun because they are genuinely fearful that he could reveal all of the royal dirt. #LooseWomen.”   

Loose Women airs on weekdays from 12.30pm on ITV.

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