‘Isn’t going to work’ A Place in the Sun’s Danni Menzies on buyers cutting viewings short

A Place in the Sun: Danni Menzies negotiates with estate agent

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Danni Menzies has been a regular presenter on A Place in the Sun since 2016, and during that time the Channel 4 presenter has helped many house hunters to find their dream holiday home abroad. Despite recently announcing her plans to leave the show, in an exclusive interview with Express.co.uk, Danni has spoken out about some of her most “difficult” property searches, as she admitted they don’t always go to plan.

She went on to add that a lot of her house hunters often change their minds about what they are looking for when they actually view a property.

“It’s tough because you never know what people are going to love or what they’re not going to love and priorities always change drastically,” the property expert began.

“They’re on location and you’re seeing things in real life, so you think you want one thing and then you get there and something else becomes more important.”

During every episode of A Place in the Sun, the presenters always have their top five properties which are shown on TV.

However, Danni explained the producers always have a number of backup properties just in case the house hunters aren’t impressed with the chosen five homes.

The 33-year-old detailed: “We cut to the house hunters when we are viewing a property, but we try to kind of predict what they might think or say or a feel where we actually see it.

“We have the properties you see on the show but we also have a backup selection as well.

“There is sometimes a scramble to change how we film things in order to do the best by the house hunters.”

“Sometimes we have some good back-ups and sometimes we have to make some phone calls late at night,” the presenter added.

Danni went on to admit that she does start to panic when she fails to impress her buyers with her property choices.

“If they like all five (properties) it’s like, ‘are you taking this seriously?’ Because you can’t love everything,” the expert said.

“I find it okay if they don’t like a couple but if you get to property three and they don’t like one of those, then you start to panic a bit and you’re like, ‘Oh, God, are we doing it right?'”

Recalling how one couple cut a property search after entering the second room, Danni added: “We changed a couple of properties at the last minute as we had sort of realised we were going the wrong direction.

“On the last show they got into the second room and they were like, ‘this isn’t going to work for us’, so we cut it short.”

Earlier this year, Danni confirmed she would be leaving A Place in the Sun after six years.

The presenter has decided to step away from her role to focus on more projects closer to home.

At the time, Danni released a statement detailing why she has decided to leave the who.

She went on to reassure fans that while she is leaving, she still has plenty of shows left to film.

“I’ve got plenty of new shows coming out in the next series,” Danni explained.

“So although I’ve finished filming, it’s not quite the end of me on the show yet!”

A Place in the Sun airs weekdays at 3pm on Channel 4.

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