Is Stacey Fowler returning to EastEnders and where has she been?

STACEY Fowler made a brief return to Albert Square last night as she was heard in a phone call to Kush Kazemi.

But with Stacey's full-time return on the cards, fans are confused where she's actually been during her time away from Walford. So where did Stacey go? Here's everything you need to know…

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Where has Stacey Fowler been in EastEnders?

Lacey Turner's brief reprisal of her role as Stacey on last night's episode of EastEnders left fans questioning where the character had actually been during her absence.

One fan tweeted: "Anyone remember where Stacey actually went in EastEnders I'm baffled."

Another fan added: "I just feel something else is up? Where’s Stacey when you need her? #EastEnders"

But viewers will remember that Stacey made an emotional exit from the Square in August last year after whacking Phil Mitchell over the head with a wrench when she found him choking her husband Martin to death. 

After leaving him for dead, Stacey was forced to go on the run and keep her whereabouts close to her chest – and not shout where she was hiding from the rooftops.

Soap bosses created the dramatic storyline to facilitate actress Lacey Turner’s departure from the soap as she went on maternity leave following the birth of her baby Dusty in July last year. 

Is Stacey Fowler returning to EastEnders?

It is not yet known when Lacey will make a full-time return to EastEnders. 

But fans are convinced she’ll come to her mum’s rescue in the coming weeks.

However, speaking about returning to EastEnders, the star said in February 2020 that she was enjoying the time at home with her baby and husband Matt Kay.

"I think it will be hard to go back to work as much as I’m looking forward to working again," she said.

"I will miss Dusty because you get so used to spending all day every day together. She’s great company."

What will Stacey’s comeback storyline be?

Presumably Stacey's comeback storyline would see her deal with the erratic behaviour of her mum Jean after binning her medication.

Last night’s episode of EastEnders saw Jean decide it was time to bring her daughter Stacey back to the Square. 

Jean dressed up to impress Phil and try and seduce him into forgetting that Stacey hit him over the head with a spanner. 

But a horrified Phil rang Shirley and asked her to look after Jean. 

Jean then told Kush to speak to Stacey and make her return to the Square. 

Alongside helping her mum, Stacey’s comeback storyline could also see her resume her turbulent relationship with Martin Fowler. 

Fans will remember that Martin lied about cheating on Stacey in order to protect her after Ben Mitchell ordered him to keep her away from the Square as part of their dodgy business arrangement. 

Would Stacey discover the real reason he broke up with her upon her return?

Fans also know that matters have been complicated further by Martin sleeping with Stacey's best friend Ruby in her absence.

Would Stacey return only to discover her best friend's brutal betrayal?

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