Is Jessica Plummer married and how old is her daughter?

JESS Plummer is one of the brave ten to take on this year's I'm A Celeb.

The EastEnders star has had to bid farewell to her gorgeous daughter as she enters the show's spooky Welsh Castle.

Is Jessica Plummer married?

It's not known if they are still dating, but Jessica shares a child with her "childhood sweetheart" 'Jaz'.

Back in June 2016 she announced she was pregnant with her first child, daughter Noa Lily, writing: "THANK YOU. Honestly means the world. Jaz and I are over the moon.

“Couldn't be happier to be starting a family with my childhood sweetheart.”

However, in September 2020, the actress was spotted in a screaming row with the father of her daughter and sources told The Sun that the pair are no longer together.

Sources told us: "They haven’t been together in a long time – but they still see each other and co-parent.

"Their daughter is the most important thing and they always put her first".

The pair do not live together any more with Jessica confirming to her Instagram followers during a Q&A in September that just she and Noa share a London pad.

How old is her daughter?

Noa is four years old.

Jess and Noa are inseparable, and Jess is always posting pictures with her tot on Instagram.

The pair can often be seen baking together in Jess' modern London pad.

Jessica even got a tattoo tribute to her daughter Noa and her grandmother ahead of her I'm A Celebrity appearance.

The actress shared the inking of two lilies located on her ankle on Instagram.

Jessica's tattoo paid tribute both to her daughter and grandmother – who share a name.

She wrote: "Two Lily's [sic.]. Noa's middle name is after her great Grandmother. My Gg."

What has she said about motherhood?

The single mum says she's going to miss her four-year-old daughter Noa Lily when she goes into the jungle.

The 28-year-old said: "It is strange. The closer we get to it now, the more excited I am to do the show.

"But the more daunting it is to think I am potentially not gonna see her for up to three weeks, which is heartbreaking.

She added: "She is my little girl. It is gonna be really weird but I hope I make her proud.

"I have recorded messages for her like, 'Good morning Noa'.

"I've recorded up to three weeks worth just in chase I am in it for the long haul, so she'll have a message from me every day.

"She's around family so she'll be fine, but it will be strange."


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