Is Donald Trump in Home Alone 2? All the President’s film cameos and appearances

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Donald Trump has lived many lives over his 74 years. As a businessman, he operated various businesses with differing levels of success but became known for the Trump Tower in New York City. His fame led him to appear on reality show The Apprentice US and in cameo appearances in film and TV – but was he in Home Alone 2?

Donald Trump has made cameo appearances in 13 films, which are a mixture of documentaries and films.

Most of the time he has appeared as himself, though occasionally he played versions of himself in other roles.

His first film appearance was in Ghost Can’t Do It, a 1989 movie in which he played himself.

The movie was a romantic crime comedy starring Bo Derek and was not well received especially Donald’s performance.

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He won the Golden Raspberry for Worst Supporting Actor, for his role, and was also nominated in the Worst New Star category alongside his co-star Leo Damian, but lost to Sofia Coppola for her work in The Godfather Part III.

His second film role, in which he also played himself, has now become legend as the movie was well-received, and is played every year: Home Alone 2: Lost in New York.

In the film, young Kevin McAllister, played by Macaulay Culkin, is staying in the Plaza Hotel after boarding a plane to New York City rather than Miami, where his family has gone for Christmas.

At the time of filming, Donald owned the Plaza Hotel, and so in the film directed Kevin from the lobby on the young boy’s arrival to New York.

After this, Donald appeared in nine more films as himself, and two others as other characters.

In 1994’s Little Rascals, Donald plays Waldo’s dad, with Blake McIver Ewing playing an obnoxious rich child, named Waldo Johnston III.

His only other film in which he did not play himself was in the film 54, telling the story of the legendary club Studio 54.

The film was not well received and Donald played a VIP patron in the movie, which may have been himself, though he was not credited as such.

Otherwise, Donald cameoed in Across the Sea of Time, in which Peter Reznick plays a young Russian boy who travels to New York City in search of his ancestor’s family.

Donald also appeared in acclaimed comedy Zoolander in 2001, alongside Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson, and two years previously he played Celebrity, a poorly received film from Woody Allen.

In 2002, he appeared in Hugh Grant and Sandra Bullock rom-com Two Weeks Notice, which was commercially successful despite receiving mixed reviews.

For some time, Donald did not appear in any films until 2009, when his documentary career began.

He was interviewed in the 2009 documentary special Small Potatoes: Who Killed the USFL?, discussing his time as the former New Jersey Generals owner.

His post-interview comments about the USFL was what gave the documentary its title, Small Potatoes.

He also appeared in The Greatest Movie Ever Sold, from Morgan Spurlock, where the premise was that the documentary itself would be entirely paid for by sponsors, who he meets in the course of the filming.

One of these was Donald Trump, and the film received decent reviews.

Though this documentary was his final film appearance, in 2011, his final narrative film appearance was in 2010 in Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps, opposite Shia LaBeouf and Michael Douglas.

Donald played himself, though his scene was deleted from the final film.

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