'Is Barcelona in Rome?' – Twitter goes into meltdown over Love Island girls' geography chat

Twitter went into meltdown last night after Saturday’s episode of Unseen Bits revealed that one of the Love Island contestants doesn’t know that Barcelona is in Spain.

Belle Hassan (21) Joanna Chimonides (22) and Jourdan Riane (24) were chatting together about capital cities in Europe and their lack of geographical knowledge was revealed.

Belle, who is coupled with Scottish 24-year-old Anton Danyluk told the girls: ‘We cleared up that Edinburgh is actually in Scotland last night.’

“Is it?” Joanna asked.

“Seriously!” Belle replied, adding, “Dublin is [in] Ireland did you know that?”

Joanna then asked: “Is Italy in Rome or Rome in Italy?”

Ready to clarify the matter, Jourdan explained: ‘Rome is in Italy, Rome is the capital of Italy.’

But then Belle asked: “Is it? Is Barcelona in Rome?”

And Jourdan said: “Barcelona is in Italy.”

Confused, Belle said: “I thought it was Spanish”.

Almost immediately, fans of the show began to react on Twitter:

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