Inside Maya Jama's glamorous globetrotting life filled with private jets, first-class flights and £700 designer bikinis

WHILE most people are struggling to even leave the UK at the moment, Maya Jama took a luxury private jet to the USA this week.

And Maya – who became a millionaire at 24 – is spending time at her NBA beau Ben Simmons’ Los Angeles mansion.

The 26-year-old TV presenter has shared lots of videos of herself in a £700 Dior bikini, sunning herself by the pool.

And that came after the photos and videos of her showing off she was on a private jet. 

Maya shared two photos and a video of herself on the chic plane – complete with swish tan chairs.

She captioned her Instagram post: "📵😆Out of office".

But that’s by no means the first time she’s travelled in style, as she's headed all over the world to the likes of Barbados, Dubai, Miami and Ibiza.

Ibiza by private jet

Maya is regularly seen enjoying the results of her hard work, jetting across the globe for sunny breaks with friends and for work – often in First Class or by private jet.

A year ago, when the travel ban was originally lifted, Maya wasted no time in flying off to Ibiza for a girls’ holiday – in a private jet, obviously.

The former Radio 1 presenter was all smiles as she posed for snaps during her two hour flight to the holiday hot spot – which went back on the amber list from the green list this week.

Maya looked effortlessly stunning in some light blue tracksuit bottoms, a matching top and au natural look.

As she enjoyed her lavish flight, Maya sipped on an alcoholic beverage to celebrate the start of her holiday.

She captioned one of her posts: "Let’s be Avin ya 🍻✈️ #clingcling".

It seemed a very different experience to flying economy on a budget airline, as the plane had wooden interiors and cream leather seats, and the presenter was even able to go up to the cockpit and pose alongside the pilots.

In one picture, she was beaming, and wrote: “Lol you can tell I’m excited”.

And the luxury didn’t stop there, as Maya and her friends stayed in a lavish private villa with a ginormous pool, while in the Balearics island.

Despite the clubs being closed on the famous party island, due to Covid, Maya and her friends enjoyed lots of boozing – and even ate sheep brain at one restaurant.

Face masks for flights

Before the pandemic, Maya was hardly ever in one place, and would often travel first class – and show off the face masks she helped make famous.

In one video she shared, she’s wearing a sheet mask, while the man sat next to her is laughing.

The model wrote: “Removing ‘facemask on plane’ stigma, one flight at a time … bloke next to me is loving it.”

And on another first-class flight to Miami, taken in September 2019, she wore a face mask too.

She shared a video of herself,pulling a funny face, and sticking her tongue out, with the sheet on.

Captioning the clip, Maya wrote: “Ham face but hydrated though…. Brb.”

£700 designer bikinis

The laidback look that Maya has for her flights is a far cry from the sexy outfits she wears while on holiday.

The presenter – who's defended having her cleavage out on TV – often dons skimpy designer bikinis, sunning herself by the pool.

And when it comes to going out at night, Maya is happy to show off her enviable figure.

In Ibiza, she wore a neon yellow mini dress, flashing her legs for some drinks with the girls.

And we’re sure we’ll be seeing Maya jetting off even more, as the world opens back up…


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