Inside Liam Payne's lavish life as he makes almost £1m in a year despite having ALL his work cancelled by pandemic

LIAM Payne is rolling in the money after banking another £1m in pop profits – despite all of his work being cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

With the world in lockdown in 2020 people turned to listening to music at home and luckily for stars such as the former One Direction, they still managed to make a killing.

And the musician's lavish lifestyle – which sees him mainly flying in private jets – will be able to continue now lockdown has eased as he made £700,000 in profits at solo music firms Hampton Records and Long Play Touring.

On top of this, Liam also made £215,000 from his share of the £1m made by One Direction in 2019.

Hampton Records, created by Liam in 2016, financial statements, signed off by Liam last month, reported a £280,541 profit and a £402,477 net worth.

Liam’s manager Alan McAvoy in March also signed off to say Long Play Touring's profits were £397,454.

Between them the solo firms are now worth £1m and holding assets at £1.8m – including a cool £900,000 in cash.

The companies have come a long way from their first trading year which saw Hampton Records make a modest £6,632 in 2017 and Long Play raked in £75,964 in 2018.

Reporting its nature of business as 'sound recording and music publishing', Long Play Touring was incorporated in November 2017.

Liam's lavish lifestyle is much down to his former days as part of the boyband One Direction.

According to Wealthy Gorilla in April 2021, the band had a combined net worth of $340 million (£260 million).

Liam reportedly has a net-worth of $60 million (£46 million), an amount he’s racked up through modelling deals with the likes of Hugo Boss and his debut album, LP1, which dropped in December last year.

Liam’s One Direction earnings are run through 1D Media and PPM Music for which he owns a quarter of 1D Media and one-fifth of PPM Music.

His share of their 2019 earnings saw him rake in £215,265 – his stake in their net worth £2,429,004.

Accounts for its key firm 1D Media reporting £21.9m in pay for him over the lifetime of the firm.

Its profits running at £209.8m.

The star's earnings are also needed for the upkeep of his impressive six bedroom manor in Sussex.

It was reported back in 2017, prior to his and ex-girlfriend Cheryl's son Bear arriving, that the mansion underwent major renovations.

He converted three garages into a massive snooker room and built an extensive underground swimming pool and gym.

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