I'm A Celebrity's Giovanna Fletcher 'to renew vows' with McFly husband Tom Fletcher after he was inspired by Vernon Kay

MCFLY'S Tom Fletcher has promised to renew his vows with his I'm A Celebrity wife Giovanna Fletcher.

The singer was inspired to follow in the footsteps of her campmate Vernon Kay who wowed Giovanna with his tale of surprising wife Tess Daly with a trip to France to renew their wedding vows.

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Tom wants to also surprise his wife of eight years with a renewal ceremony on their 10th anniversary.

"Vernon has put me in it with renewing vows, I don't think I could compete with his story so I'll need to start planning now," Tom told the Daily Mail.

"We've been married around eight years now, so maybe around the ten-year mark."

Tom's confident that nothing will be able to top his wedding speech, which was a reworking of McFly's hit It's All About You and went viral.

"My wedding speech had 20million YouTube hits when I last looked, it's become the thing I get recognised the most for," he explained.

"When I went travelling around the world, people would talk to me about that rather than the band. I don't know if it's worth attempting anything like that again."

While Tom is sure they will have a very special 10th anniversary, one thing he can guarantee in the marriage, is that they will not have any more children.

Giovanna and Tom are proud parents to Buzz, six, Buddy, four, and Max, two.

"We're so lucky to have three healthy boys, so I think we're probably done. Especially after the couple of weeks I've had, three feels like enough, we're complete now," Tom said of his time as a solo parent.

"I couldn't imagine having anymore. It's what we were meant to have. We're done on the kid front."

Tom and the kids watch I'm A Celeb every morning, and he's proud of her achievements so far.

But he thought Giovanna might snap when Vernon had a go at her cooking.

"The only thing which caught her off guard is when Vernon told her how to do something with the cooking. He was like 'there's a lot of oil in the pan'," Tom explained.

"I was thinking 'back away, man'. She's from an Italian family. If there's an Italian in the kitchen, let them get on with it."

The singer opened up about meeting Giovanna when they were both just 13.

"We're an anomaly. It's rare when we meet people who have even known each other longer than we have," Tom said.

"I literally asked Giovanna to be my girlfriend the day I met her when she walked into assembly when we were 13, literally straight away.

"Her surname is Falcone and so when the new kids walked in, she walked over to me as obviously my surname begins with an F as well and she was sitting next to me at assembly and I asked her out that day. I knew then…"

They broke up for a couple of years and reconnected at the age of 18 when Tom tracked down where she lived and sent her a romantic letter.

"At 18 we got back together, she'd been travelling for a while, she just got back and was going to an acting college and moving into a new flat share.

"I found out the address of her new flat, sent her a letter before she moved in so I knew it would be there when she arrived trying to get her to be my girlfriend again," he remembered.

"We've been together ever since, literally just before the band started in October 2003, after we moved into the band house and we released all the McFly stuff in 2004.

"I couldn't imagine doing it without her. It's really difficult managing a relationship going through all that, but if two people really want to be together and make it work, you find a way and we did."

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