I'm A Celebrity blunder spotted by Dr Alex who finds proof Kiosk Cledwyn got quiz answer WRONG

I'M A Celebrity superfan Dr Alex George spotted a blunder in the latest episode of the reality series.

The Love Island hunk who admitted to "planning his day around I'm A Celebrity" called out Kiosk Cledwyn who got a quiz answer wrong.

In the Castle Coin Challenge – that replaces the famous Dingo Dollar Challenge – Kiosk Cledwyn called camp for the first time and asked journalist Victoria Derbyshire what percentage of Brits talk about the weather at least once a day, a/ 26% or b/44%.

The camp all guessed 44% straight away but they apparently got it wrong.

But the ever intelligent Dr Alex did not believe the answer, tweeting "that's not true!! It’s a 100% of Brits!" and then set out to do a bit of research himself.

He uncovered research which had found 94% of British respondents admit to having talked about the weather in the past six hours, while 38% say they have in the past 60 minutes.

Dr Alex then went back to Twitter, demanding: "Give them the damn Welsh cakes!!!"

The ITV series has seen a raft of changes to accommodate the stars in their new location, including updating the grumpy man at the kiosk.

The Sun exclusively revealed how Kiosk Cledwyn, who insiders said is named after the late, legendary local politician Cledwyn Hughes, will make his on-screen debut during the first week of the show.

A source told us: “ITV bosses are having a lot of fun with the tweaks being made to this year’s series, including the characters who’ve been on the show since it started in 2002.

“The name is a bit of an in-joke and is a nod to Cledwyn, who was the Secretary of State for Wales in the late Sixties."

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