I’m A Celeb stars at a high risk of being ‘haunted’ inside Gwrych Castle grounds

Naughty Boy will apparently be at most risk of getting haunted by evil spirits during his I'm A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! experience, says a ghost hunter.

Ghost hunter Nick Stoppani has revealed that Gwrych Castle in Wales, is a "hotbed" for paranormal activity due to “witchcraft, sacrifices and the dark arts” being conducted there.

The paranormal expert has been studying ghoulish behaviour for nearly two decades and has appeared on several shows.

During a 2017 trip to the I'm A Celeb grounds, Nick felt “extremely sick” when using an ouija board and claimed spirits contacted him with a series of tapping sounds.

Nick told The Sun: “It’s a haunted place. I believe people with bad intentions have practised witchcraft and the dark arts there – things like sacrifices and spells.

“Whenever I feel like I physically want to throw up during a paranormal investigation it’s because the location has some link to witchcraft or the dark arts.

Nick is hoping the contestants will experience some spooky activity and hopes Richard Madeley will be contacted by spirits.

He continued: “If I could ask a spirit to affect anyone it would be Richard Madeley, I think he would react to it well and wouldn’t take the mickey."

Nick wasn't sure how he felt about the reality of the paranormal world but think he would be fantastic at delving into it all.

Out of the lineup, Nick has a bad feeling for one of the show’s DJs who will be entering the castle on tonight's first episode of the series.

He predicts: “If I had to guess – apart from Richard – I’d say Naughty Boy could have a paranormal experience.

“I think this because he’s a big bloke and often they are the most scared because they don’t fully understand the paranormal world.

He concluded: “One thing is certain if a spirit takes a disliking to someone you will know about it because something seriously will be going on

"I guess the only way to find out is to watch it.”

I'm A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! kicks off tonight on ITV at 9pm.

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