I’m a Celeb camp revelations as phone box graffiti ‘exposed’ by former campmate

The latest series of I'm a Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! is underway – but how much do you know about what it is really like inside the famous camp?

Former contestants including Roman Kemp, Made In Chelsea's Hugo Taylor, This Morning's Alison Hammond and Frankie Bridge have all spilled secrets about their time on the show in recent years.

The latest revelation includes graffiti hidden inside the red phone box, which one celeb is still waiting for viewers to spot.

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From fake rocks, to the time being 'hidden' from celebs and a barrier surrounding the camp, Daily Star takes a look at some of the I'm a Celeb camp secrets you may not have known about.

Phone box graffiti

The red telephone box has become a familiar site to I'm a Celeb viewers, after the stars have tried to win various treats from Kev's Deals On Wheels.

But have you noticed the graffiti inside the famous phone box?

If you look closely at the inside of the box, you will see the words "Ro woz 'ere" etched near the phone – and former camp mate Roman Kemp has confirmed he was behind it.

Speaking to hosts Ant and Dec during their Jungle Club Instagram Live, Roman was interviewed by the pair – and revealed that he was still waiting for an "eagle-eyed viewer" to spot the graffiti.

He explained that the camp mates were given a tiny piece of chalk to write with, and that he used his to place tiny bits of graffiti in parts of the jungle – including the phone box.

So the next time Kev's Deals On Wheels takes place, have a closer look at the phone box and see if you can spot Roman's graffiti.

The shower waterfall can be turned on and off

A few former I'm a Celeb camp mates have revealed that the famous cold shower waterfall is not a natural phenomenon – and can actually be turned on and off.

Writing for Femail, 2006 contestant Lauren Booth said: "As viewers are no doubt aware, the washing area is a beautiful rocky pool fed by a small waterfall and lit by the dappled sunlight filtered by a selection of giant jungle leaves."

However, she revealed that "the waterfall, like the pool beneath it, was not part of the jungle at all, but a man-made creation."

She continued: "Unless, of course, 'real' rainforest waterfalls get turned off between three and six every afternoon."

The Daily Mail also reported that a show source told them that some features of the camp were created "because they don’t naturally occur where one would like them to".

Warm showers were allowed after certain trials

Former camp mate Frankie Bridge revealed that the celebs do have access to warm showers – but only if they had a trial involving fish guts.

Taking to her Instagram story to answer questions about the show, she responded to a question about whether you could have a warm shower after trials.

The star answered: "Another popular question. We were only allowed a warm shower if you got covered in fish guts.

"Weirdly there was hair washing products, but not body wash ha. It would take at least three or four washes to get rid of the smell fully though."

She continued: "Other than that we washed in camp. But had to light a fire for warm water. Pump for water pressure and didn't get our shower working till the last few days.

"Strip washes and hair washes under the tap were where it was at!"

Camera operators are hidden in fake rocks

Ex-made in Chelsea star Hugo Taylor took part in I'm a Celeb and revealed a number of secrets about show – including the location of camera operators inside fake rocks.

Speaking to Cosmopolitan, he explained that large camera equipment is hidden inside the fake rocks and that there are crew members operating them inside to capture all the goings on in the jungle.

"In terms of the structure, they keep it the same each year because of all the cameras that are hidden in man-made rocks," he said.

"You literally don’t even notice them. The only time I ever had a slight instinct was I swear I could smell bacon. I wasn’t imagining things.

"Some of them are automated revolving cameras, and some of them are people with large camera equipment hidden in rocks, operating them manually."

However he added that the contestants often forget that the crew are there, saying: "It does feel natural. You just forget about them and move on, you’re completely unaware of it."

It is also reported that the camp is covered by a gigantic 107 cameras on site, in 34 separate areas of the camp.

The time is hidden from the celebs

If you look closely at hosts Ant and Dec, you will notice that the time on their watches is covered up.

Former Queen of the jungle Scarlett Moffatt has since revealed the reason their watches are covered up, saying to Digital Spy: "It's so the campmates don't know the time."

She continued: "So all the watches are covered for the people that see the campmates all the time, like Ant, Dec and Medic Bob."

However, she said that this can cause some issues and that in one instance, the camp mates went to bed at 4pm, only to be told it was a lot earlier than they thought.

She said: "I don't know if I'm allowed to say this – we all once went to bed at around 4pm and you're obviously in there by yourself, but they did have to say, 'Guys, it's a lot earlier than you think.'"

The camp has a secret roof and barrier celebs cannot cross

It has been revealed that the camp site has a 'secret roof', which features equipment to wind the food bags, or "love from above", down to the contestants following the bushtucker trials.

For celebrities' safety, the camp also had a perimeter that the contestants are not allowed to go beyond, due to the risk of natural weather events such as torrential rain that can cause mud slides.

Speaking to Cosmopolitan, ex-camp mate Hugo Taylor said: "There’s a periphery that runs around the camp, whereby you shouldn’t go beyond, but that’s genuinely for your safety."

He added: "But the camp’s bigger than you think, and it’s got this huge retractable canopy right up in the top of the trees that can come up and down, so when it pours with rain you’re covered. It’s a really impressive camp."

The Mirror also reported that the camp site includes a covered area of the camp, where contestants can take shelter or sleep under if it begins to rain.

As the camp has a hidden roof, this means that the celebrities cannot get a tan while they are in the jungle, or sunbathe.

The news was confirmed by former I'm a Celeb star Alison Hammond during an interview with the Saving Grace Podcast, saying: "No, you can't. [Get a tan].

"There's trees everywhere and also they've got this canopy for lighting."

She added: "You feel like you're on a camping film set but you can't see the cameras."

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