IAC’s Naughty Boy breaks show rules on first day as he smuggles spices into camp

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I'm A Celeb star Naughty Boy confessed that he broke show rules by smuggling some spices into camp.

The DJ seemed to live up to his "Naughty" name as he hid a whole range of spice in his sock – from cumin seeds to cloves.

Although the stars are traditionally allowed to bring an agreed luxury item into camp, they're forbidden from bringing any undisclosed items in.

It appears his campmate Richard Madeley was impressed with Naughty's rule-bending skills too as he teased further mischief, because the ITV presenter said that they've "got to bend the rules a bit here".

Naughty Boy explained his spice-related-stunt in the Telegraph: "Before I left, I grinded some spices that could make rice and beans actually taste a bit nice so what I did, I put it in my sock.

"There's cumin seeds, cloves, turmeric, coriander seeds. If you could smell this. Wow. And black peppercorns."

Later on, he told his campmates: "I had whole organic spices so I crushed some and I put it in cling film and I put it in my sock.

"I thought I was going to add it to the rice and beans and make it taste better but I asked them if it was ok if I used a bit because we're suffering enough as it is and they confiscated it."

The other celebrities looked at him as he talked about the rule-breaking, with Danny saying: "Yeah, they will [confiscate it]".

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Richard was rather pleased with the DJ, because he later said: "Well Naughty Boy had really lived up to his name. He smuggled in something for camp.

"I think that's a real mark of character actually. And we've got to bend the rules a bit here and I can promise you, having spoken to everybody here, this is not going to be the last time that the rules are bent."

The action-packed first episode aired on Sunday (November 21), and it saw the celebs take part in a terrifying cliff trial called The Plank

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The celebs could be seen strapped into a harness as they took turns walking off of a cliff in Wales – whilst suspended hundreds of feet in the air.

Former BBC Breakfast host Louise Minchin joined Naughty Boy, radio presenter Snoochie, and ex-Emmerdale star Danny up on the cliff during the nerve-wracking trial.

At one point, Snoochie let out a bellowing scream as her plank wobbled, threatening to throw her off of the cliff.

The ITV show has returned to Gwrych Castle in North Wales for the second time this year due to Covid restrictions, after ditching the Australian jungle for the first time last year in the pandemic.

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