Hugh Hefner’s widow Crystal takes charge after fake accounts impersonate her by teaming up with scammer-busting company

HUGH Hefner’s widow Crystal Harris is working to help stop online scammers from making fake accounts and impersonating her on social media. 

The Sun can exclusively reveal the Crystal, 34, has teamed up with CelebProtect, who found and removed 200 fake accounts pretending to be the Playboy beauty.

The travel blogger told The Sun: “I feel surprised and unnerved realizing how many fake accounts were floating around the internet impersonating me. 

“I'm really grateful to not only have it brought to my attention, but to have something actually be done about it by having them all removed by CelebProtect."

Crystal continued that it is “crazy” scammers are “not deterred” from making fake accounts – until now.

She added: “What is even more crazy is that of late I have been sent personally a few fake accounts from Tinder where someone has used my images for their profile pics… surely based on that they are wasting their time and are trying to scare females away not attract them as why else would they use me?”

In a video obtained by The Sun, Crystal revealed CelebProtect found 200 fake accounts!

She said in the clip: “I was super excited to get those taken down.”

Crystal revealed the accounts impersonated her, asked followers for money and more.

Crystal added on Instagram: “I’m super grateful to have found @celebprotect to help me with it all. They just launched at for any fellow influencers that would want to check them out.”

Actor Corey Feldman has also trusted CelebProtect to help stop scammers in their tracks. 

Crystal teaming up with the brand comes after The Sun exclusively reported she is dating spaceship engineer Nathan Levi three years after her beloved husband’s death. 

Crystal and Nathan packed on the PDA while on vacation at the Casa de Mita hotel in Punta de Mita, Mexico in July.

A source previously told The Sun that the pair has been dating “around four months.”

The insider said: “He’s smart, caring, and makes her feel secure. He’s very kind and gentle with her. There are so many things to like about him.

"She is the happiest she’s been in years!”

Crystal and Hef had been married for five years at the time of his death at age 91 in 2017.

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