How old is Adam Woodyatt, who's his wife Beverly Sharp and what's the Ian Beale actor's net worth?

As Ian Beale, Adam has portrayed everything from loan shark to property tycoon but how old is the actor now and what's his net worth? Here's all you need to know…

How old is Adam Woodyatt?

Adam Brinley Woodyatt was born 28 June 1968 and first acted in BBC children's drama The Baker Street Boys before starring in the now iconic role of Ian Beale.

The 50-year-old debuted in EastEnders' first ever episode in 1985 and has since become the soap's longest-serving cast member.

For his role as Ian Beale, Adam has portrayed everything from loan shark to property tycoon, been married four times and has won five British Soap Awards.

Despite appearing in over 2,000 episodes, Adam revealed he hates getting a famous “duff, duff, duff” moment on the show because he has to stand "like a lemon".

Who's his wife Beverly Sharp?

On 8 April 1998, Woodyatt married dancer Beverley Sharp and the couple has two children together, Jessica Jade and Samuel James.

In September 2016, Adam's son Samuel was forced to have life-saving surgery after he was run over at 56mph by then 20-year-old Mohammad Ahmed.

The 19-year-old was put into an induced coma and suffered a head injury, a fractured vertebrae and a shattered pelvis and was confined to a wheelchair for two months.

Adam has since praised his “miraculous” son after they have since both completed the London Marathon and Sam is currently taking part in the cheerleading world championships.

What's the Ian Beale actor's net worth?

As the show's longest-serving cast member, Adam rightfully is also one of the soap's highest earners.

In July 2017, his latest salary was leaked by Piers Morgan who tweeted: "BBC SALARIES (Soaps) Highest paid actor: Adam Woodyatt & Danny Dyer: £200k-£249k."

Despite being an Albert Square resident for more than 30 years, Adam doesn't assume his contract will be renewed and it's always a surprise when he's awarded a new deal.

The actor also earns a nice little side-gig away from the day job, acting on the panto circuit for years for which he reportedly earns around £130,000 a production.

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