How much is the BTS McDonald's meal?

K-POP superstars BTS will have their own meal available for purchase at McDonald’s.

The fast-food chain announced that the special collaboration will only last a limited time.

How much is the BTS McDonald's meal?

The BTS McDonald’s meal will reportedly cost $11.16, but prices may vary depending on the state.

The meal brings 10-piece chicken nuggets, medium fries, and a medium Coke.

It will also come with sweet chili and cajun dipping sauces for the first time ever in the US.

According to McDonald’s, the sauces are inspired by popular recipes from its restaurants in South Korea, where BTS is from.

Where is the BTS McDonald’s meal available?

The BTS meal will officially be available at every McDonald’s starting Wednesday, May 26, 2021, while supplies last.

It will also be available in the Bahamas, Canada and eight other countries.

On Thursday, May 27, 2021 the meal will be released in 11 additional countries, including South Korea. 

McDonald’s says it will be available in nearly 50 countries in May and June.

How can I buy the BTS McDonald’s meal?

The meal can be ordered at McDonald’s restaurants and drive-thrus.

It can also be purchased through mobile order in the McDonald’s app or the chain's delivery service, McDelivery.

Additionally, starting on Wednesday, May 26, McDonald’s and BTS will drop a merchandise line on the Weverse Shop app.

According to a McDonald’s news release, the "head-to-toe collection is inspired by some of the craveable, hand-picked menu items from the BTS Meal, with dynamite threads like hoodies, purple bathrobes, socks and sandals."

Those interested in shopping the special collection can download the Weverse Shop app and create an account.

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