How much does SKIMS shapewear cost?

KIM Kardashian has just announced her SKIMS shapewear is on sale.

And needless to say, her fans can't get enough of it.

How much does SKIMS shapewear cost?

The price of SKIMS shapewear varies.

Underwear is about $18 to $20 a pair.

Bras, on average, are between $28 and $32 a set.

And full body shapewear starts at about $58.

Periodically, too, the company will run package sales — such as their 3 for $36 sale — and, during Memorial Day, they're running a three-day sale as well.

What is the SKIMS Memorial Day sale all about?

SKIMS' Memorial Day sale is focused on the Cozy Collection, which features pieces for both adults and kids.

This is the first time that the company has offered these pieces for sale.

The Cozy Collection is very popular, and tends to sell out quickly whenever it's in stock.

Kim Kardashian, alongside her daughters North and Chicago — whose father is Kim's estranged husband, Kanye West — are the stars of the SKIMS Cozy Collection campaigns.

How have the reviews on SKIMS been?

So far, the reviews on SKIMS have been positive.

The Fits Everybody line of SKIMS wear — which, as its name implies, fits everybody — gets high marks for being versatile and comfortable.

"Given their fitted, crisp designs, the shirts give off a super-sleek vibe and look great tucked into jeans or pants, and are the best base layer for adding a cardigan, jacket, or blazer," said one reviewer.

SKIMS is so popular, in fact, that the sale immediately got the company trending on Twitter.

Many professional marketers say that Kim Kardashian's popularity — and her constant promotion of the brand — has contributed to its success.

But the brand's high quality products also gets a nod from professional reviewers.

Overall, SKIMS seem to be a high quality product that has become an essential staple for women.

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